Another Chakra Clearing Session

Hey guys,
Im opening up another 4 slots for those who need clearing to advance their Ascent. The requirements are still the same.

Let me know:
What you do on a Daily basis to work on your Ascent.

If you are a Active and Practicing Black Magician.

If you have knowledge of Chi, Auras, Meridians, Chakras, subtle bodies, etc

If You have some proficiency In Soul Travel

PM me.

Without Further Ado,
Let the clearings begin!



@Micah β€œClear” as in? I am messing around with my Chakras on purpose at the moment. I am not very sure if this is wise.

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Yo get on this quick guys I did it with Micah last time and it was an intense experience. He knows his shit.
Highly recommended.


@TheStorm clear as in

Destroy blockages in your Seven Main chakras

Correct the rotation of them if they are spinning counter clockwise

Remove energy clogs from your meridians

Seal energy leaks in your Aura

Remove energy blocks from your physical Body

Realign your Astral body, mental body, casual body, etc

Possesing you (yep, thats right) as to do deep internal energy work to remove various emotional issues like addictions, trauma, etc at a core level

And more! Haha

If you are already experimenting with your chakras then you are off to a good start already.

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@Micah I have Spirits invoked into my Chakras. Could you avoid clearing that? Also, there are various marks on my soul for various reasons. Could you leave those intact?

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I understand totally man.
Let me know what chakras they are in and i will leave those beings be

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@Micah Sure. I am in. All of them. I think they might still be there. It was yesterday though and they come and go as they please.

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Ok cool. PM me and we will get started. Im getting ready for work so it may be a few minutes

If no ones taking advantage of this then I’m down for round 2

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Me too

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@Micah Great work. Thank you.

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I’ll take one if still available.