Annoying Workplace

Alright, i work at a store which sells Motorcycle parts and accessories, so basically is there anyway i can make my life even easier? cuz i am facing annoying colleagues, lots of work and shit. i want to use magick to shape my reality so that i dont have to do much work and be lazy at sometimes, cuz work can be really tiring… anybody has any suggestions?

Manipulation of my workplace? i am being tasked with a big project and im not even getting paid extra for it. how do i work around such demanding and irritating people who always nag at me for being slow.?

I suggest working with Duke Bune. He aids in financial freedom and less work stress environment. You can just type Duke Bune in YouTube, there are great videos on how to work with him. He is a doer then a talker. Hope this helps you out.

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Magick is not going to help you be lazy. If you asked a spirit to make the job easier, they would probably get you fired.

If you don’t like your job, why not use magick to get a better one, with no annoying colleagues, and that gives you the spare time you want while providing for you?