Anneliese Michel - Hitler and Nero?

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long time ago since I’ve posted because I was ill but now I’m getting better. Because it happened in my country and I find it very interesting, I wanna ask you if it’s true that Hitler and Nero became demons and possessed Anneliese Michel in Germany?

Or did the possessing Demons just lying to the priest? Is it possible to become a Demon after death? They said that Hitler became one because he committed suicide.

Other questions: Is it possible to get possessed when evoking or smth like that? Or are these just fucking lies? :smile: But the Demon voices on the tapes just sound fucking strange and much much different than Annelieses voice.

Thanks in advance, dudes! :slight_smile:

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I missed: the tapes are in german so I think the most of you don’t know them. But the questions can be answered without knowing that case, for sure! :wink:

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I don’t know if it’s possible to become a demon after death, so I’m not gonna make any comments about it.

It’s possible that those spirits were lying to the priest, and we don’t know if they were all actually demons that possessed her, they could be some other kinds of spirits or just some fucked up astral parasites, it’s also possible that she was cursed. And it’s also possible that she was possessed by some demons or spirits that called themselves Nero, Hitler, Judas, Cain, Lucifer and Belial but they were totally different than the actual famous demons and the spirits of those famous guys and they just have the same name as them.

It’s possible to get possessed during evocation, and according to Mr. E.A. Koetting, every kind of evocation involves possession to some degree.

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I’ve read about Anneliese Michel and I go back and forth. Was she possessed, just mentally ill, or a combination of both? I don’t know.

Right now I’m leaning toward thinking she was simply mentally ill and did not get the treatment she deserved and that the German courts were right to find both the parents and the priests guilty. There seams to have been some sort of sick co-dependency going on between the priests and the parents which seems to have made her condition worse.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll see things differently. I know that doesn’t offer any answers. i honestly just don’t know.


Yeah I understand that, but I heard all of the tapes that are available from her over months (!!!) lasting exorcism and that voices I’ve heard just can’t be caused due mental illness. I know you can’t understand the language, but maybe you can find translations or just hear the voices. It’s sick. And yes, they were found guilty because the society just don’t believe in such stuff.

This is an old and famous case. It is obvious to me that Anneliese Michel was hexed or more likely her parents. Usually when the child or teenager is affected it is one of the parents who has been cursed. In order to destroy the family the demon will infest the youngest child or only child. Although she suffered from epilepsy this had NOTHING to do with the possesion or hex placed on Michel.

Usually in these cases it is the husband/father who has transgressed and had an affair and broke it off badly or had a business failure or simply cheated someone earlier in there life. The person who was cheated or shunned practices Witchcraft and apparently and tragically put a powerful death hex on her family. Deaths from hexes or witchcraft are rare whoever was behind this curse on Anneliese Michel was full of hate and vengeance. I would suspect the demon behind the curse was Asmodeus.

She’s an example of what happens when you don’t keep your head screwed on straight from what I’ve seen.

She didn’t have self-control and ended up breaking herself.

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I have read a dozen different case histories on Anneliese Michel I have also listened to the tapes and seen many vids on YouTube documenting this subject

To your other questions no it was not Nero or Hitler but simply an extremely malevolent demon who was trying to confuse, annoy, hinder and harass. No, when humans pass or die, whether they commit suicide or were an evil dictator they do not manifest later as demons or can they be turned into or created into a supernatural destructive demon or entity.

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My question only referred to the fact if it’s possible for humans to become demons / immortal entities or not.

So don’t worry. Because I was born in the same country as “der Führer” doesn’t mean that I agree to his ideas and principles. :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t worried at all about that. :smiley:

Only that no-one went into any rhetoric while discussing him and his ideas, that would breach the newer rule. :+1:

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Imo, all humans are already immortal entities. Some of are incarnate celestials (demons/angels) and some are other types of things.

But the church often calls lesser entities, parasites and even human ghosts “demons” also, as well as fallen angels, djinn, loa etc tec. For this reason the word demon doesn’t get you very far in understanding a situation.

If the question is, whether a human ghost can devolve to forget it was ever human and become a lesser entity, a being racked by negative emotion so all it knows how to do is hate, attack and feed, the answer is yes.

Does suicide automatically cause someone to ‘become a demon’? I don’t think so. The church just doesn’t like it’s sheeple to voluntarily escape their paradigms and uses fear to stop them. Suiciding is one of the most sovereign things you can do. I wouldn’t be surprised if the magik in the act helps you evade the archons after death.

I agree she was possibly possessed by something that just called itself something dramatic on purpose - they do love those yummy emotions. But something very narcissistic was going on I think with the priest and parents too, and they may have been making it worse because thy too were feeding on it.
Feeding on emotions and energy can be done when in a body as well as without, as we know.


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