An entity came to me in a deep state of meditation. The entity came as a beautiful woman and it was a highly sexual encounter. The entity called herself Annabelle and said if I want to meet her again then I must summon her. She mentioned that she was associated with the Qlippoth. Can’t find any sources for a demon or angel named Annabelle.

Wondering if there are any demon or angel names with similarity to Annabelle whom it might be?


Isn’t there a movie called “Annabelle”? When I first saw the name, that’s what came to mind.

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Yes but 100% sure it is nothing to do with that lol

Did she say which Qlippoth? If she did, then you could contact the ruler of that Qlippoth and ask for her summoning information.

Thanks for your suggestion but sadly not. She was very mischievous and appeared in my childhood house. That’s about as much info as I got.

Another option is to ask a high raking spirit to bring her to you. The archangel Raziel is often called upon to fulfill this function, as well as spirits such as Lucifer, and the Greek god Hermes. Since this Annabelle said she is associated with the Qlippoth, you could ask Samael to guide you to her.

However, from your description that it was a highly sexual encounter, then I suspect she may be from Gamaliel, the ruler of which is Lilith.


Thank you I shall try this

Also, you can ask Papa Legba to contact her too. He is called upon to fulfill this function and you don’t have to be in the Voudon current.

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Thanks ive never heard of this entity