Anja Chakra, Imagination and the Astral realms

After some interesting work with the Draconian path I began to realize how important a role the Imagination plays, as the foundational (and at least initial) part in opening oneself to the world of magick, power and personal ascent.

I first noticed the connection while practicing advanced energy work, based on Robert Bruce’s tactile imaging.
Soon I discovered that a CREATIVE approach to NEW ways of conceiving energy thought forms became necessary to advance my work.

I quickly realized how seemingly mundane physical real world phenomena, ( like a spiralling fire-hose-like spray of water, or the kind of epic energy beams you see in Alien disaster movies, or the image of something blowing into the wind like ash) all became effective metaphors to invigorate my work. Especially when these images were “repurposed” with intentions.

All of this had me thinking that any individual tranformative experience is greatly aided by the “visual vocabulary” one develops through their exposure to different moving images. (Much like our enjoyment of literature when pleasing images can be attached to the text we read)

Can you talk a bit about how your imagination has changed and evolved as you’ve learnt to Soul Travel ? And perhaps how reimaging yourself or aspects/ qualities of yourslef has assisted your ascent?

When we finally rid ourselves of the destructive belief that: “imagination = false” and “our five senses = true” I feel an even sharper awakening may take place.

Thanks so much,