Anixety taking over

So I had a ritual done and I’m having a lot of bad anxiety and I don’t know if it’s because of the ritual effects itself or I’m just having anxiety. I tried to do something like meditation to get rid of it but it only works for a for awhile and out of nowhere here comes Mr. anxiety it comes to a point where I wake up with it any tips to stop it.

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Try to get a fix on what you’re worried about. If its nothing, fix your mind clearly on the fact that the anxiety is false and do something that puts you in a good mood.
Try to not be anxious about the actual anxiety. That doesn’t help anybody out.


Don’t be anxious dude. You know all the sutras of buddhism, all the teaching of his can be summed up into two words , ‘’ Dude, relax ‘’. Its a pretty important thing. You can sit for a while and let the anxiety take over you and then just feel it completely instead of suppressing it, I think it will work.

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When I feel like I might be having a panic attack I pray and that helps.

Of course… it could work for me because I’ve made connections with angels, beings who I know want to help me when I’m anxious, and I believe praying works, so all those reasons may be why it works for me.

Were you anxious before the ritual? If not, cleanse yourself with salt water and Florida water and cleanse your home. You could have picked up a nasty.

just discovered this today. super wise words. helping me just hearing them.