Anime and the Occult


thanks for the explaining!
but… can it be more detailed, i’m still very new to this :cry: :joy:


If you are new your best bet is to look around and see what traditions and systems and see what interests you and dig into it for a time to build your foundations. Jumping around too much in the beginning will only serve to confuse you as symbolism can be very different between tradtions and systems.


Anyone seen this one? Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. Good for yokai fans :slight_smile:


I have that one on my list, it looks good. Watching Devilman Crybaby right now. That anime is amazing… Definitely brings me back to 80’s horror but with modern animation.


There is Makai Ouji/ Devil & Realist too. BL version of Solomon’s magick, featuring some of our fave demons lol.


Cool, I hadn’t heard of that one, got to check it out now!


You will love it especially dantalion and sitri lol :slight_smile:


Devilman Crybaby

Good gods. :dizzy_face:
This anime just put George RR Martin to shame.
One episode, just one. Better that Martin! :smiling_imp:


‘’ There is no love, that’s why there is no sadness ‘’ - Lucifer. The Anime was FUCKING AWESOME.


@Alita , if U know of any anime of this level within last few years please, PLZ, PPLLZZZ Recommend. Have seen attack on titan and my hero academia.


Fullmetal Alchemist, Ghost Hunt, another, tokyo ghoul, Jigoku Shoujo, mirai nikki, blue exorcist, devilman and death note​:wink::wink:


Haven’t seen Ghost Hunt, Another, Blue Exorcist, Mirai Nikki. Will give those a try. Thanks


Another and Blue Exorcist I liked but Warning, Another is bloody and Gory.

Not as bad as Corpse Party though lol.


On the level of Devil Man cry baby? or below it?


That reminds me, I need to get the newest corpse party game… Haven’t watched the anime in its entirety either so adding that to my to do list


I’d say below, it’s not as violent gore if that makes sense.
Very short version, it’s a ghost story mystery were the characters have to discover the mystery to stop people from dieing in gruesome ways.


I heard they cut a lot from the game when making the anime but I haven’t played it yet.


I played the first game a LONG time ago. I think its about the same as the anime, though obviously with way worse graphics and the game has multiple endings. The anime as I recall does not use the canon ending for the game series. The birthday party game was pretty funny though.


Don’t remember if I mentioned this one @goku but you should check it out.
It"s called Erased and it’s on Crunchyroll :slight_smile:


dont know if anyone has mentioned any of these yet but whatevs:

Black clover
Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist knight
A certain magical index
Akashic records of bastard magic
Blue exorcist
GeGeGe no Kitaro
Mob psycho 100
pandora hearts
re:ZERO starting life in another world
Rokka- braves of the six flowers
The ancient Magus’ bride
Twin star exorcists
Witch Craft Works
Yamada-Kun and the seven witches

A lot of these aren’t necessarily occult but they are still really good.