Anime and the Occult


The dubbed voice actors do a very good job :slight_smile:
I’m loving the light novels.


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic has Jinn.


Does this mean anything exactly?
I was meditating earlier and the name Alucard came to mind.
@Alita Do you know anything?


Ahh that’s Hellsing, I think it’s the ultimate (better) version.
Alucard is the immortal vampire in that series. He’s definitely a badass.
What else did you get?


I didn’t really get to much, as I was confused when the name randomly appeared…
i was meditating to speak with my godself and things of that nature and Alucard is what I heard.
I wanted to know if that’s even remotely possible? @Alita

Also ive watched a shit ton of anime and I always understand they had certain occult references within them but not to the degree of them being true.
Well some are, for example susanoo “The storm god” is referenced alot in Naruto.

But also animes like Black Butler, Devilman Crybaby, Blue Exorcist, and Rosario+Vampire


:purple_heart: Ah. Definitely my favorite. Ever since I was small I would rent the manga from the library and then I found it on Netflix and almost died of happiness. I think that one is why I love black swallowtail butterflies. The scene that sticks with me most is when she uses a bat as a sword and explains that if you believe something is so, then it is.

I cant think of any other ones off hand. Death Note isnt exactly a ghost story. Theres one I meant to watched called The Devil Gets A Part Time Job or something like that. But I havent gotten to. And I’ve watched Shinigami Momo (I think that was the name) another one to do with a reaper not ghosts. Momo is a girl reaper. The episodes are very sad.


Alucard is a powerful, in your face character. I’d say very OP, maybe it’s a reference to your godself being like that?


That one is good… wasn’t what I expected but good anyway. :sweat_smile:

Death note was amazing for me I think it opened my eyes to alot…
I felt his pain and what he was trying to accomplish!


:thinking: Hmm… I wish there was more I could find out about this.


I agree and disagree on Death Note. To me it was a great example of the Sophomore archetype and Nietzsche’s becoming what you fight.


Me too. Mostly I felt great sadness for Rem. She gave everything in her power and sacrificed herself just for a human girl she cared about. The whole story on each side was great and sad.

What really got me into watching it in the first place was I just turned on the TV one night. Just thinking I was going to watch some naruto or something. The second the TV turned on the eye in the title sequence opened and the song kicked up. It was the first night it played on TV and I never knew it existed. Figured it was a sign I should watch it.


For me it was the artist.
He is on par with Kubo in my eyes. Also the Shinigami. L was interesting but I found most of the human cast boring or 2 dimensional.


I did enjoy L a lot but I like odd personalities and darker appearances. (I guess these examples arent similar to L but it shows my liking for odd personalities. I like Goro Majima in the Yakuza game series best. Orochi Maru in naruto, havent watched in years though. And Nagito in the Danganronpa video game series.)

But I do agree on how the characters were. Loved Ryuuk and Rem a lot though.


I hear you on the dark characters, they just seem to have more life.
L is dark though lol. He will kidnap and torture a young woman for justice. He also has no problem sacrificing others as himself.

There’s also Shiro in Deadman Wonderland or Nightingale, those two ladies…


:joy: I actually just thought about that too. And the amount if sugar that man eats is horrifying enough to be it’s own kind of dark.

Never actually got to watch deadman wonderland though. Sounds like a nice one.

I’ve seen Trinity Blood and Blood+ at the same time though.


I miss trinity blood so much but the creator passed away :frowning:


I know it was so great :pensive: it really is too bad .


:relieved:. Another one on my list as favorites.


guys, what do i do.
i asked if the naruto/anime world was real and it said yes,


You ask the question how does this practically help me here and now.

When you are multidimensional and holographic in nature all things within the dimensional seething of the multiverse exists outside AND within you simultaneously. Spiritual practices are a way to experience this practically in your life.