Anime and the Occult


Ya I liked Blackthorne and Bob too. The actor for Bob (forgot his name) did a nice job of making Bob kind of annoyed, almost, most of the time.
I didn’t watch enough to see if his full personality came through or not.


I’m a big fan of there being more decent non-disney animated series and movies in the US.
Dresden files could be an amazing animated series and not some crappy Nickelodeon like junk.

So far over seas are the only ones doing anything good in that department.


Oh I watched the entire series on netflix when it was on :slight_smile: Bob was one of my favorite characters from the show and they started to flesh him out even in the first season.


Yes sadly I have not seen any like that either in the U.S.


If you’re into the darker side and dig Lovecraft-like horror I’d suggest this Manga/Anime author.

Junji Ito is a genius. His Collection is on Netflix and it’s decently close to his Manga but the Manga is amazing.


Junjj Ito is indeed a genius…but I think his work is way better in manga format. The fish apocalypse anime for example is kinda hilarious instead of scary.


Ya I agree, it just doesn’t translate to anime and give the same feeling.


I’m enjoy the books cause the twists nad abundance of interesting concepts that ironically provide random insights into my own practice from time to time :laughing: some reason when ever i hit a roadblock in thought the missing dots pop up in the oddest places books,movies, anime, myth ect. :rofl:

For example the whole concept of the various “mantles of power” explored in ‘cold days’ has popped up for me in a few other places under different names over the years. Certain alchemical operations hint at similar results. :alien:


Has anybody seen ‘seven deadly sins prisoner of the sky’ movie? How was it?


Has any body seen the anime movie- Grave of the firefly? Heard it is highly critically acclaimed!


Haven’t yet but I’ve heard you watch it once, you cry, but you never watch it again.
It’s a story about ww2, if I remember correctly.


Yea, if someone tells next time that anime cartoon, make them watch ‘Grave of the Firefly’.


“Grave of the fireFLIES” Sorry, but that bugged me. The name of the movie comes from multiple fireflies that die when they are released to provide light into a old mine if I remember correctly