Anime and the Occult


I’ll add one that (I guess I could, grudgingly call a Harem) in this. The Disastrous life of Saiki K.

It’s a comedy about a psychic boy who just wants to be left the hell alone lol. The Harem part does not monopolize the story and is definitely secondary to the plot. (it’s one where he has no interest in any of the girls and is fully aware of their feelings).
The animation’s average and I’m disappointed by that but over all good so far.

I add this because they call him psychic but the degree of his power is almost God like. One episode he talks about how he altered human DNA so having pink, purple, etc hair was a rare occurrence but naturally possible just because his pink hair was drawing too much attention.

It’s funny watching a God-like being just trying to watch his fav shows in piece or manage to get home from school without “friends” following him.
(he also constantly does everything he can to keep almost everyone from knowing he’s pychic)


Overlord is cracking me up. :joy:




Oh yeah… I forgot to mention all of these can be seen on the website called


The last series I watched were:

Denno Coil
Tokyo Ghoul
Dragon Ball Super


Merc StoriA: The Apathetic Boy and the Girl in a Bottle

It accurately depicts what faeries are like but its not mostly portrayed through the faeries. actually, it is mostly shown through the girl in the bottle. You’ll understand once you see it. Also, there are other things that are depicted that I will leave to you to discover.

It can be watched here:


Can’t believe how no one yet mentioned D.Gray-Man, Blood+ and (if you’re ok with the ecchi aspects) Seikon no Qwaser (uncensored)


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<---- MMORPG gamer for 13 years, have watched countless anime and fun of comics (still waiting for the new GhostBlade episode…)


My favorites like RahXephon and Neon Genesis Evangelion bring about a techno-spiritual aspect that I believe is possible. Then you have the classics like Vampire Hunter D. Fate Zero was eye opening to me.


I liked Blood C, Blood+, to me diluded the character too much.


But Blood C was the second anime series, Blood+ was the original and oldest.
Blood C was amazingly boring until the last 2-3 episodes :no_mouth:


U remember cardcaptor sakura or Cyborg 009? Hope the later one has a sequel.


There was a Manga and an animated movie that came out long time ago. Bloody, crazy stuff. I miss that one lol.
Blood + just took the two sisters and made up an entirely new story :frowning:

CC Sakura wasn’t really my thing and I’ll watch Cyborg 009 eventually, reminds me of Megaman.


Not an anime but the dresden file books are a good series with alot of plots and insights.


Those are a great series of books! \m/ The live action version on syfy actually got me started into the books.
Sorry the show was never picked up again…that gives me an idea!


Sadly the series was beyond left field and pissed off too many fans.
I mean him sleeping with a red?? That would be beyond disgusting to him or the horrible butchery of Murphy and let’s not forget the “cleansing” of anything that says Witch such as his necklace which is extremely important.

If it was rebooted and done properly I’m sure it would be a big hit.


Yeah I had no idea of the books or how off it was to them, but I actually like how they handled Bob on the show and the whole idea of this wizard detective guy and they even poked at Harry Potter a bit on the show too. I liked Harry’s character on the show and how Paul Blackthorne played him. Glad he’s at least on Arrow.