Anime and the Occult

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I wish I knew the name of the anime I saw where Jesus and Satan were friends it was good


There is a manga called Saint Young Men which is about Jesus and Budda as roommates in Tokyo.
(I don’t think its an anime though)
I’m not finding another one when i search it :confused:


OK maybe i was confused lol I’ll look this one up thank u!

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:joy::joy::joy: that Is something I gotta see at any cost. I am pretty sure that the anime is not out yet.


Howls moving castle






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Meant to reply to OP sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

The Magicians is a ridiculously good live action show!

Trinity seven seems good so far.

Highschool dxd has actual names of demons, talks about the demon world, norse, buddhas, pacts, etc,

Rosario vampire


Hellsing Ultimate

Just go on kissanime and go to their anime list tab and look up magic and you’ll get a bunch you can try! \m/


Does Japanese video games count as anime?

Some do. Corpse Party was made into an anime and another one about Vampire brothers kidnapping and holding a girl in their castle so they can abuse her and drink her blood was a game. The anime is even made like a dating game in some parts and, of course, the girls into it but pretends she’s not. (not one of my favs but was a game).



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A newer one that’s come out I’ve been thinking about since reading the Book of Azazel is called “Erased”.
It’s considered horror but I see it more as a murder mystery.
The main character is, by Japanese culture, a failure. He’s 25, lives with his mom and delivers pizzas on a moped.
His personality is very apathetic towards his own life and future however he has an ability (its never explained) where he involuntarily goes back in time up to an hour. It’s triggered by horrific events around him normally (again so apathetic he never bothers to try to control it).

Events play out and his mother gets murdered, he is framed for it and gets sent back in time to his elementary school in his younger self’s body.

Watching the character transform himself to not only save his mother’s life but the lives of some of his classmates really seemed like him taking his Godhood by the horns, specially towards the end.
It’s only 12 episodes but I recommend it and the animation is good.


I’m surprised no one mentioned Ajin or Devilman Crybaby yet.

Ajin is about people who cannot die permanently who have supernatural powers connected to a ghost. So not directly occult-related but interesting nonetheless.

Devilman Crybaby is the newer adaptation of the Devilman manga and although it’s rather Christian in cosmology and world building, it’s one of the more surprisingly good anime I have seen. In fact there some references to the occult (the first episode has an awesome Baphomet florecent light). And it’s only 10 episodes so it’s a short watch.


I started watching seven deadly sins. I like how there are different magical races. And how the characters that call themselves holy knights are the ones causing the real damage


Okay I am not sure if I missed it but did anyone mention a Certain magical index? that entire show is based around the idea of personal reality which is paramount in spellworking. Because specifically you are imposing your reality on EVERYONE around you and overpowering their reality without them knowing it.


Shout out to The Vision of Escaflowne. Not only did it inspire me to start studying Japanese, but it has a ton of divination. Tarot is a main theme, but so is pendulum dowsing.


Yes! I wasn’t aware of divination in a positive way until I watched the show. The main female character name is “Hitomi” which is Japanese for “eye”. Love that symbolism.