Anime and other fantasy universes?

Is it possible to travel to universes as that of anime or game world (eg. skyrim elder scroll V) and play as the character as one desire like in rpg, while soul travelling?
Will the experience look/feel as real as that of real life?


For multi-universe theory , yes , all of the movies , animes , games univeeses are real for quantum physics.
All of the possibiltys are possible.
But we are not in a anime.
Ä°f you really want this,
Look at “Lucid dreaming”
But , we are not in Re:zero or isekai wa smartphone tomo ni or no game no life or tate no yuusha …
You can create your own world in your Lucid dreams…

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I go to the fortnite universe all the time.


For RPG gaming console, i think its possible.
Like augmented reality , you can create all of this in your mind but for doctors this can be schizophrenia…


Can you pm me please.

Oh okay. Thankyou for letting me know.
But while talking about soul travel in specific. Have you got any experience?

No i have not.
These are just my theories.

I used to write stories, once i wrote a huge novel. The plotline came in a flash of inspiration, and as i started writing the words flew into my mind… sometime it would be hard to get it down fast enough… often the characters would do things I’d not expected … as if they existed already.with their own free will & lives… who’s to say that our literary / imagined universes arent actually out there somewhere?

(Not suggesting that all creativity is channeled from another place and there by not original… but sometimes it might be our interpretation of another existance)


I think it is only possible through lucid dreaming, and in lucid dreaming EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE,

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Anything and everything can exist on the astral plane


Indeed… Tolkien wrote in a letter that the stories seems to write themselves…


MY characters for my comic I’m working on basically built themselves and their own world. They’re like tulpas of my own creation-except I didn’t create them as tulpas. They manifested themselves into my life and their own story. As I grew as a writer so too did my characters


I agree with your.

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I agree with you too.

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FOH. :joy:

I’m totally serious. I think thee astral Fortnite realm was put there on purpose by the creators, in parallel to the game, because each time I go there it is so integrated and concrete and real.

I hope this can help you on your quest! :slight_smile:

Well, I can tell you that one night, for example I wondered and asked the source if there was something like “Cartoon-Dimensions”, and lowe and behold, I had a dream where I was in a cartoon dimension.

When it comes to gaming…; well, taken that the cosmos is made to be as omni-potent as possible, chances are that it’s a yes - I remember that in some parts of the Soul-travel course you are asked to create a world, as well. *Maybe an extra important hint :wink: (?)

How real would it feel?
Well, it’s crucial to know that everything experienced or experienceable, I shall say exists in real dimensions (that includes all of your “dreams”). So it could be pretty vivid, surely so. :slight_smile:


I just found out, after researching the games history, that at one point there was a vortex that pulled the Durr burger sign out of the game in a special timed event and then was discovered in the actual California desert. My suspicions have been strengthened, nigh confirmed. That kind of meta magic only happens at the hands of astral builders.

I feel it, I’m not discounting you though. That’s pretty interesting