Animating Statues

Has anyone had experience animating statues or other images? This was a well-established practice in ancient Egypt and one which fascinates me and has led me to read as much as I can about it. I have performed this working but am interested to hear from others who have successfully called down spirits / demons / deities into images.

Here is my experience:

I became acquainted with this ancient practice while reading the “Asclepius.” Then through the writings of Donald Tyson in his books “Sexual Alchemy” and “Liber Lilith” (and the instructions contained therein), I was able to perform this working. Although this working took a significant amount of time and effort, I was successful in attracting the Goddess Lilith into a statue. Soon thereafter, Lilith surprised me by commanding me to discard / destroy the statue. Lilith explained that She was already present with me and the statue was a distraction and unnecessary. I asked for her instructions on how to dispose of the image and then did as She instructed.

I have had the face of my Patron change while I was performing a weekly devotion rite. His whole statue took on a celestial glow and his face looked years younger than the statue portrays.

Cool. Does the statue’s always manifest changed when you perform your devotions? Do you say or do something to cause the animation to occur?

It usually does when I anoint it with oil specific to my Patron. It’s almost always when I missed something that I was supposed to notice in my dreams.

Does your patron regularly communicate with you via dreams?