Animals we see in our reality!

Just thought id start a discussion on the the animals we see in our reality. See if theres a pattern/connection.

List the the animals you see most throughout the day. A little about what they represent to you. And any connection with Spirits/Beings.


Animal: Magpies
Every where i go theres magpies. And most of the time i can hand feed them. Not sure what the significance of them is. Will find out one day. They bring a certain peace and wonder to my reality.
Below: Shadow waiting for breakfast.

Bats: i see them and hear them at night. I was having an internal conversation one night with Lilith and it was if the bats were answering me.

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The symbolism of Magpies. I am not sure if this is a sign to you specifically or that these birds are common in your area. However, this seems to be about communication as the magpie is an intelligent bird that can be taught to speak. It might be a signal to you to listen not just for listening’s sake, but to listen to what is being communicated with more attention. All of this is subjective and many symbols regarding this bird and various meanings it can carry.

Be more vocal about your thoughts and emotions. Make sure that you are not being misunderstood. Speak when you need to speak up.

The magpie spirit animal is also drawn to anything shiny or flashy, so this is also a reminder to stop false desires and ideas. Stop dreaming about what is not possible and focus on realistic goals and not just material desires above everything else.

Try to reevaluate your priorities and work on the things that truly matter. You have the gift of perception, so don’t be swayed by false illusions that only look great and tempting on the surface but in reality aren’t very realistic.


The symbolism of bats is wide and vast. While European and North American folklore about bats generally views bats as portents of misfortune or evil, some benign lore also exists perceiving them with rebirth and starting a new.

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Magpies are common here. They do stand out to me more so now. Alot of people dont like them and have a fear of being swooped. It comes up a lot in conversation. A reflection of themselves and what they need to work on.

They are very intelligent. Talk to them and they will talk back. Show them respect and you’ll earn their trust.

There was a time two weeks ago doing Belials Black Alchemy with a friend. 3 magpies decided to sing while we were performing the rite. Tucked in the shade just outside the window.

The internal diaglogue stops when i hear them, i also see that as a teaching. Always seen in packs of 3. Except at work theres 4 at the moment.

I can see i could work on this.

In the proccess of realising these false desires and ideas with them being surfaced to deal with them. Im getting lots of validation from this forum :slight_smile:

Can defenitly see the rebirth and starting new symbolism. That sentance strikes a cord with all thats been happening latley.

Thanks for your input. Appreciated.

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