Animal Spirit guide hypnosis. Satan has a plan?

So last night before going to bed I put on a self hypnosis video for meeting your animal Spirit guide.

Within 5 mins I was passed out or hypnotized so to speak. I can only remember very small fragments of it but don’t remember much other than an older lady sitting in a chair in a dark room faced away from me and there was something around the corner that she was just looking at. No noise nothing.

Well that’s the ending of it and right before u snapped out of it I don’t know if it was said or what but in the hypnosis I visualized the words Satan has a plan???

And I woke up and that was really the only thing I remembered and it was ringing in my head…

Satan has a plan.

So as for myself ive done some spells and evocations mostly demons so far but a few angels as well.

Can’t see or completely hear them yet either.

Also yesterday I did an evocation of Bethor of Jupiter asking for assistance.
From what I know he’s not with Satan but I could be wrong.

Anyways I’ve never summoned Satan but I have of Lucifer in the past. Some people say there the same but that’s not what I’m concerned about.

Im a overall “good” dude if you know what I mean. I’m just curious as to why this has happened and what your thoughts were.

And please don’t state the obvious saying ugh it’s because Satan has a plan duh lol

Thanks :blush:


It’s because…

Cue rhythmic deep drum beat

Satan has a plan


Here’s the thing about conversation in general, but especially those with spirits. EVERYTHING is heavily layered with meaning. You might get it right away, it might smack you in the face 10 years later. Satan as a spirit is far more complex than I could ever hope to cover in the length of a single lifetime. Also keep in mind that “Satan” is also a title and a bit of a job description.

Each culture has one…or several. Lucifer is A Satan, then again so is Belial, or Loki, or Samael, or any spirit that acts in an adversarial fashion according to the lore. So which have you interacted with? Which spirit animals have adversarial links? Think on it deeper, meditate on that message and you’ll get an answer.


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