Animal sacrifice, State Intervention and Freedom of practicing religion. GIVE YOUR OPINION

There is a famous tantric practice in Nepal where every 5 year around 50,000 ( sometimes more ) animals, mainly buffaloes are butchered and sacrificed to the Goddesses Gadhimai.


It has become quite controversial and Due to pressure from various NGOs and animal rights groups, Left leaning intellectuals this festival may very soon be banned Via State Intervention

Some of the animal bones - meat are sold to cheap companies but A BIG PART is Wasted.

SO what is UR opinion on this? Where does the right of state end in preventing others from practicing their religion? And if it does have the right then -

what if The state says tomorrow that other practices of occult also should be banned as it happened in medieval europe due to christian domination and power, in Communist china where Tibetan buddhism is completely squashed or in majority of places where Followers of Muhammad put their feet on ?


At the same time many will look at this pics and surely say ‘’ it’s a bit too much ‘’.

I don’t know where the grey area starts ?


While I’m against almost any kind of government meddling, this topic seems to be pretty damn political, thus against rules of BALG forums…


@Lady_Eva does it violate any rule? animal sacrifice is an important theme in occult, specially in LHP. Well, it’s UR call.

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My opinion is that stopping those barbarian killers is not enough. Whoever participated in such a crime should be killed without mercy. I don’t care about any political or philosophical bullcrap about rights. Look at that last horrific picture… and tell me how the life of those standing human scumbags are more valuable or meaningful than the lost lives of those dead animals.

We kill to eat like any predators. And that’s a respected law of nature that nobody could avoid. But to kill for such nonsense is much worse than a crime.

I hope they close this topic for being political or for any other reason.

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WTF :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile: Got it, U R A KIND HEARTed MAN. But this kind of things should be discussed without getting overly emotional. Knee-jerk reaction will take us no-where.

To be honest almost everybody can avoid it, but taste buds take precedence over compassionate heart.


I’m against this it is very unnecessary n unfortunate places like this can sloughter soany animals n not get penalized for it u souch as shoot a dog here in the states your going to jail for some time animal neglect you minus well have animal aps (cps) on your butt this for me is just too much I love animals n to be honest ppl call demons evil those humans in the pic who get joy of killing these innocent lives are the evil ones so if state wants to babe this let them so be it n if they start cing after others like occult then cross that bridge when we get there

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Crual last thought maybe some one should sacrifice them to their religion and see how they like it…fair is fair life for a life…

Note these are empty words no one should be sujected to this animals or humans we kill to eat not to play and if that’s the case well ppl should be able to subject them to this kind of torture where no one is going to get hurt but ppl are too scared to understand that they are not in real danger but that’s my way of thinking j.s

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Lol, I do get the emotion but isn’t there some inconsistency ??? Worse kind of things are done to animals in animal farms , slaughter houses. The funny thing is many who cry for this animals also later go out, make a stake/beef with extra spice and eat it to feel better.

Seems like many are showing FAKE COMPASSION just to get some brownie point.


If it involves the government doing something then it’s bound to get political.


See that is were your Simi wrong I hate seeing this yes but…I can’t survive off of just greens my life…health care shows this to be true you need the vitamin and nutrition from both to live a long healthy life as long as it’s balenced out equally that’s kind of abuse should be stopped but if it’s just a small amount and the rest goes to wast then yes it should some places we get meat from don’t treat their animals like that some places do just like animal Mills n puppy Mills animals live in deplorable conditions and ate treated horrible but no one does anything about it there is a lot of compassion for these animals whether we eat them or not it’s a circle of life not a straight line as Timon said in the new lion king

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I agree with you,since I can observe this kind of behaviour a lot where I live.
I am in the lucky position to actually control to a certain degree where my meat comes from, when we buy it (we don’t eat meat very often anymore in this household); we can purchase it from a coworkers very small farm or from a local hunters lodge.

Eh, THAT depends on the countries constitution. If the separation from religion and state is written in there, they certainly have the right to do so.

Personally, I don’t sacrifice animals nor have I the intention to do so.


will disagree with this one. Only nutrients that’s missing in PURE VEGAN diet is vitamin B 12. And there are many ways to supply it via non animal product. And U Don’t need to be PURE VEGAN to stop eating animals.

Haven’t seen it , heard it is good. Will watch it later.

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What I’m saying is ppl won’t stop eating meat because of how animals are treated I love animals but I’m a omnivore as well the protein in the meat no matter how you look at it granted we can get the things in meat else where but it taste better


well, I was looking at it from a bit philosophical angel, not just Legal point of view. And also if the state allows animal farming, meat eating then what’s the problem with this? As long as some person - organization buys it they can slaughter them as it is their property !?!

@Prophet , well, let’s try to keep it more philosophical, instead of pure political. And to be honest no-body gives a Fuck about Nepal, ( Trump recently called it ‘Nipple’ ) .

This is a question every state has to answer for itself. An uncomfortable one.

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It’s a tough question. Do you have their govt step in and suppress religious freedom? Do you let it continue and let the animals go to waste? There are traditions that will sacrifice animals but they will eat the animals afterwards. This sort of practice I have absolutely no problem with. Going by the information posted by the OP, the problem I have is with wastefulness of it. If they did something with the animals, using it all somehow, then I’d have no problem with it. Hell, not really any different than the meat industry all of us who eat meat support.

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Absolutely not.
Let them practice their rather brutal religious ritual in peace, we can judge them, but we should not stop them from doing it.

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Personally I choose not to use animal blood in any kind of spiritual practice. I am wholeheartedly against taking the life of another other than to defend yourself.

This thought actually just popped into my head; if you choose to kill an animal during sacrifice it proves nothing to anybody other than the fact that you can.

Blood is the life essence of the animal kingdom in this realm not the plant kingdom and not any spiritual kingdom that I know of.

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Eid al Adha or Aid al-Adha, Muslims also get this festival, and the tantric practice in Nepal and giving sacrifice to god jehova ( cause in the past he also required sacrifices) is also seem like the same thing if this is tradition we cannot change the practice of a lot of years, it’s not good and it’s brutality also agree and the government is doing something about the matter OK. But they will not stop, it’s NGO vs religion practice and government and more of these cases the government vote on a favor of the religion tradition practice of a lot of years. But also if the NGO can quite these types of brutality good for them and for the animals.

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on a brighter side mostly in Islamic culture (I don’t know about others) what most wealthy people do is to send the meat to homeless people’s organizations or poor old age homes where these people who can’t afford to buy meat and eat veg daily , cook and have a hearty meal for a day or two , which makes me think if this tradition is actually wrong then!?

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