Animal parts and baneful magic

It was mentioned in another thread that some baneful rituals require animal parts.

Is this for the purpose of altering the Sorcerer’s psyche,
or is it a requirement of the Demons,
or is it to activate a mechanism to alter the fabric of the universe?

I think it’s likely some type of combination depending on the ritual. Some demon may ask for a sacrifice it may be it needs the life energy to act, or it may be it wants to test your resolve for the task. Killing an animal is hard for many, so taking the life of the sacrifice is an act that puts that person in a state of mind they often would not reach, there is a big difference between pulling a trigger on a hunting rifle and killing with your hands. Being that close and feeling blood spill on to you, feeling the animal physically react, hearing it drown in its own blood are things most would like to forget about especially in our age of mass marketed meat. Human sacrifice is seen as causing a universal change since the body is a microcosmic universe in itself as well as its relation to others.


Not quite that cut and dry. Take an evocation of Belial for example according to the Goetia an offering and a sacrifice must be made to him, so in that instance it may be something Belial needs or wants in order to act or comply with the Mage. This was a demand from the spirit possibly as a sign of obeidience and turning yourself over to him or he may need the energy offered.

Some Baneful works that call for animal parts may just be symbolic like hair of a cat and dog to signify fighting. Others have a harmful quality to themselves, something like goofer dust is made of dried scorpions, venemous spiders and snake sheds and snake heads mixed with graveyard dirt and sulphur. All these things were deadly in life so in magickal logic they’ll be deadly in spirit, the graveyard dirt was especially bad back in the old days before caskets were sealed and a slabs placed over them. The bacteria and diseases from the decaying body could be found in the soil for years after death. Which was another reason spiritual bathing was so important, you needed to get that shit off you and pray to god nothing infected you lol. You would put stuff like this out we’re people would walk through it and they could actually get the infection through their feet especially when people walked barefoot in the old days.

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