Animal Omens : white dog

Last night I took my son AKA my dog Olin on a walk in the field down the street and while pausing to let him to do his business I felt a presence glaring at me.

It was a slender tall white dog staring frozen at me, and we locked eyes for what seemed a solid minute. Then he started pacing, aggravated started barking. I tried getting him to go home, but that angered him more.

We promptly ran away lol.

Seemed like some sort of omen but I don’t have much of an interpretation.

What do you think?

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Well this is in my wheelhouse. Let me do some looking around, I will see what I can find and get back to you.

I suggest you do some research as well.

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I will, it’s lazy to rely on answers elsewhere



The most references I could find was one on Cu Sith, saying it at times appeared as white.

As well as a pair in Mexican, Hispanic myth. One black and one white.

The symbolism seems to be very scattered. Sometimes being good other times being ill.

Sorry I couldn’t help more.


It was just a coincidence I gather


I doubt that. What kind of dog and could you describe it more besides just white?

It could be as simple as you were on this Spirits domain and it wanted you gone. If this was the case you offended it by telling it to “go home”, that would explain its agitation.

If it was a Cu Siddhe I’d think this was the issue; Fey do get angry when a human tells them to get off their land lol.
I’ve seen these in relation to The Morrigan as well.

If nothing else has happened you’re probably okay.


It could have even been a Guide. Perhaps this animal made you back off because there was a danger ahead?


Some sort of large dog. Lab, but short hair.

Very good point, I hadn’t considered that.