Animal God/Father

Ok so in normal life i am a Dog Trainer

its time to combine Magick and my profession.

I read that Hass’cotor (one of Azazels guys) provides animal guides and protectors and can help you comunicate with animals.

do you think i could call him and ask for the god of dogs to join me as a familiar and help me with training???

like how to turn a dangerous dog into a good rehomable companion so then they wont be put to sleep.

i know a lot of this is to do with the owners but hey im there for the dog right.



I wouldn’t recommend the Deva of Dogs as a familiar, and definitely not by asking a third party to ask him for you - that sounds really disrespectful to me - thing is, you, as a dog trainer started a relationship with the Deva of Dogs already. So you could at least ask the Deva personally.

But he’s got a day job already, so this seems silly. He’ll be more than happy to work with you and advise you for your job though. The Deva’s always want to co-create with humans, it’s part of what they do.

If you want a familiar, I would ask Hass’cotor to gift you the most appropriate spirit for your needs. He’ll understand how to do that best. You could also ask the Deva to gift you a familiar dog spirit.



If you want to assist the animal with emotional issues, talk to the animals higher spirit and heal the damage. If you can gain trust, they will tell you what’s up themselves.

Though trying to get the “Deva” to assist you might be helpful as well. I believe this is what Maulbeere is referencing but i could be off.

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hmmm talking to the higher spirit sounds like a great idea. how would i go about that?

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If possible try to contact The archetype of Dog through Shamanic Journey and if possible try to get him/her as your power animal. Surely that will help at your initial stage.

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there are many sigils for Hecate. is there a primary used one?

You can’t pick or force a Power Animal but talking to the Spirit is recommended.
Archetype and Deva have seemed like the same thing, so far, to me OP.

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Yea, but may be on a bit advanced level one can pick a power animal. If one can bind the power of a power animal when it leaves then picking can also be possible. Sure all the secrets of Shamanism isn’t mentioned in the book ‘’ The way of the Shaman ‘’. BUT Still it’s a big MAY BE.

A Power Animal is kind of a piece of you so I still don’t think it’s possible but who knows?
OP I don’t personally recommend binding any Spirit you want help from, just talk to them and let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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can’t believe that with so much compassion for animals you still eat meat. ( i think i read it in one of your post ) . Sounded completely strange to me. May be at the end of the day sense organs, urge for gratification always wins over heart.

That’s an ignorant, new age way of thinking. (don’t get me wrong, I’m not offended. I’ve heard this silly bantor from wannabee, armchair, animal activists too many times).

All animals kill and eat each other, this is the way of being alive. When you talk to their Spirits you learn real quick this “be a vegan” crap makes no sense to them and is an imbalance in the system.

Also Vegans are murderers too, you’d have to starve to not be.

Respecting the animal and thanking it for its sacrifice is how things should run, but most meat eaters and Vegetarians don’t get this, hence why the abomination of factory animals.

That is also off topic and personal. Not good either way.


Agreed, taking it personal brings in emotion, and detracts from the topic.

People want what they want, it doesn’t have to make sense by the moral standards of literally every member in here.

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ok im not looking to eat any dogs lol just to connnect with them and give them and owners a better life together. the middle man for understanding lol