Animal demon fun

i wanna know what is the most playful demon beast their is or you have experienced. I am just curious cause I want a knew friend / Companion


Ganesh is pretty playful… maybe even a little naughty. He fucking loves to party I’ll tell you that much. Although he’s not really a demon just a dude that seems to like wine, music and dancing.


I was thinking more like a pet but not a pet. Like a imp or lesser demon something of that sort

You could ask a demon to give you a fmailiar like this, many of the “big guys” like to act more as a mentor or teacher, and some will enjoy a bit of fun but the knowledge and power difference means they’re not going to be anywhere near being a pet/companion.

But I bet one of them may be able to give you a familar spirit for this kind of thing, and it may also be an aspect of extension of themselves. :+1:


thank you i have two familiars but i might get one for a friend companion not for work.

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