Ok, beiby, I’m saying this publicly so you get red of shame and start drawing that picture I asked you some days ago by private message

WHEN WILL I HAVE MY PICTURE!!! (it’s magick related :P)

PS: Just kidding, don’t get offended, at this very moment I’m missing some Off-Topic forum

I’ll get it done for you as soon as they give me something
And they’re not wanting to give me anything until after I meet with someone

It should be happening within the next few weeks. They’ve been assuring me sense November of who it is and that they’ll come to me… Something about learning patience or some crap…

Omg, you puzzled me O.O

Okee, I’ll be patient too then… but who are the ones who will come to you? The ones of mine? or another one’s?

I can’t say much but it is a human (I use ‘they’ as to not specify gender) and I can give 1 visual hint