I am like a angry demon in the night. Who put me in this flesh. I am supposed to be off of blue Devine flames. I am angry with a passion and pressure running through my veins of anger.

Meh, you get used to it.

Astral work will help you feel your Godform, and allow you to do…whatever it is you do.


Not with a destroyed chakra and limited time.

I’m not human and always felt that way like I’m not supposed to be here. I want what’s mine and I want it now

I don’t belong here I am angry because I know I lost my true self a long time ago.

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Join the club.

Luckily, or unluckily, as a human you have inherited an amazing adaptability that means you can survive some really awful spiritual and emotional states and keep on living. That buys you a lot of time to find out why you chose to incarnate here - and you had to choose it, because this is the planet of free will, and it takes a lot of work and skill to get here, and there’s a queue. You’re not here by accident.


Thanks, i was thinking of a good way to say that.

Just feel. We don’t have to justify it to anyone. They don’t know how it fucking feels.

This copy of Earth is sick joke. What I would do if my powers weren’t on locked down.

Anyways, listen to some music or watch a comedy. I do understand.

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