Angry Rant about an idiot. "Holy" Books don't matter

So, my town does this thing each year where through October to November, artists and claftsmen come out to show off and sell their work. I find this guy who creates…gnomes. Not like lawn gnomes but wooden indoor decorations that are gnome themed.

Things are good at first. We talk about MMOs, then (what a surprise) he starts talking about religion. I tell him I’m not into it (when really I’m trying to stay out of that topic), but he’s determined.

Eventually, he tells me an important piece of information. He used to be a bully. I don’t know what he meant by that. What did he mean by bully? What did he do as a bully? Who did he bully? And when did he stop being a bully? Was this when he was a kid? Was it around highschool, maybe college? When? Course, the man appeared to be in his forties.

The man leaves all of this out. But he says the only thing that keeps him from bullying people is because of Christ. That because of Christ, he now loves all people because “we are all children of God.”

He may believe that he’s saying good and positive things. But in the way he was saying them, to someone who clearly wasn’t interested, did come off as an attempt to force his beliefs on me. In other words, he was being a bully. His faith didn’t stop him from bullying people. It just created another way to do it. And worse off, he’s fooled himself into thinking he’s doing a good thing by “spreading the message of God’s love.”

I began telling him that what he’s saying was making me feel uncomfortable. He then began quoting bible verses again and again like crazy, talking over me. All the while, he’s drawing himself closer and closer to me physically. I stopped talking, but he wasn’t done. I would have made a fist and punched him if it weren’t for an older lady stepping in. She was running a new age booth where she and her husband were selling crystals. The woman told him to back off. He was obstinate at first, but eventually complied.

To this day, the thought of him annoys me. Primarily the idea that his faith in Christ is what keeps him from “being a bully.” Which, from my experience, it doesn’t. The guy actually believes that Christ is the only thing that keeps him from being a bully. THAT doesn’t make you a good person. That makes you a dog on a leash. To think that essentially tells me he has no free will of his own and requires an old nonsensical text to decide how he is meant to live.

I’ll be honest. I have my own “Holy Books”. Among them is the Satanic Bible. And, I try to live my life by it as best I can. Does this mean I consider it truth? No. I think it says a lot of things I can agree with (and some I don’t). Over all, I’m just really into the idea of a “Sacred Texts.” I like to collect them, read them, cite them, but I know for a fact that they mean ABSUTELY nothing.

A text does not decide who we are and how we act. It can provide a nice argument and act as a guide line, but that’s all it is; an argument and a guide line. Perhaps not even that. The truth is, we have free will (as I believe) and can follow or not follow a text as we so choose. WE ARE INTELLIGENT BEINGS, CAPABLE OF RATIONAL THOUGHT AND PROFOUND INSIGHT. We may not always use our intelligence, but it’s there. Part of why that is is because this Western culture seems to prefer people who quote the words given by someone over those who come up with ideas of their own. This isn’t just a problem on the religious and conservative political right, but also among the “Liberal” and “Progressive” political left . (Just my opinion.) And Hell, we can even find it among any ideology, some more than others.

My “Religious”/“Spiritual” work goes like this. My practices are drawn from ceremonial magick and hermetic work. My beliefs are kind of a weird combination of Norse Pagan and Laveyan Satanist. And I’m a firm polytheist, with a preference to the Norse Pantheon, unless I’m going down a demon route. I don’t normally think a real Satan exists, and maybe not a real Lucifer. I believe Samyaza to be Lucifer and Azazel to be Satan, or the closest we have. However, I guess I identify as a Laveyan Satanist because Laveyan Satanic philosophy feels very close to my own.

My take on Laveyan Satanism focuses primarily around the first and sixth of the Satanic statements. The first talks about indulgence, which I interpret to mean do what makes you happy. The sixth states “Responsibility to the Responsible.” There are many ways to interpret that phrase, but they all seem to mean “You are your actions”, which is a phrase straight out of an Asatru book. From the 9 Satanic Statements, the 11 Rules of the Earth, the 9 Satanic sins, and the 7 Fundemental Tenets of Satanism, I consider it an ideology of thoughtfulness and civility. It values one’s personal freedoms, but discusses personal responsibility.

However, others don’t think about it in such a way. There are some who think Satanism is about reckless behavior and just rebellion for the sake of it. Some of those people call themselves Satanists. This can go from the classical concept of Satanic mischief and debauchery, or it could go into criminal, even psychotic behavior.

When you bring up the atrocities and crimes committed by Christians to a Christian, they’ll say “But they’re not Christian. Christianity is about love, not hate.” Yes, it’s more about pressuring nonbelievers and basically harassing them, then hiding behind your faith to avoid the consequences of your actions. But either way, Anyone who identifies as a Christian is a Christian. It doesn’t matter if they do things you don’t agree with. They’re still a part of the Christian religion, and every other Christian needs to deal with that fact.

Arguing that they aren’t real Christians because the bible says this or that is nothing short of an escape tactic. Sure, they may interpret the bible differently than you, and practice the religion differently than you, but that doesn’t make them any less of apart of the group. In fact, the bible has plenty of “questionable” verses. Such as in Deuteronomy how a rapist must marry their victim and offer monetary compensation to the father as payment.

Like I said, I interpret Laveyan Satanism as an ideology of civility, and can point to various things to support my claim. But that won’t stop other people from practicing it through debauchery or crime. It sucks, but that’s the reality. Still, I’m okay with that. Because I’m not one of them. I decide who I am and how I act. How I interpret the Satanic bible is based more around me than it does the actual text. I, by my free will, choose to focus on the parts that relate to civility, intelligence, and individuality. That is my decision.

Ideologies don’t define people. People define ideologies. We are all responsible for our own actions, and how we interpret any text or practice any faith or philosophy. But the man I ran into was a complete idiot, bully, and hypocrite using his religion to escape the consequences of his actions. Our actions, and whatever impact they have both on others and our selves are ours and ours alone. And now, if you excuse me, I gotta go watch angry youtube videos.


Even “The Simpsons” suggested holy books don’t matter (in a two-part episode concerning an open-minded young pastor who destroys a Bible to make a point).

How you behave is who you are.

Get some choice verses under your belt from The Dark Bible:
To the best of my knowledge The Dark bible hasn’t been available in hard paper form and has always been free online.


I think he should be entitled to his will
What he believes should not be a problem
We all can’t see and think the same way
The only problem is when one tries to force his belief on others

I’ve had similar experiences with Christians where they become aggressive. A lot of these people think they can go around and do whatever they like…taking no responsibility for what they do and simply asking for “forgiveness” as to in their mind…wipe the slate clean. Its the ultimate path for refusing all responsibility and becoming some victim to the point you rely on a weak shepard who couldn’t even save himself from a handful of Roman guards. I mean these people are the epitome of weak imo. I have never met a strong Christian in all my time. Every single one has been wide open energy/protection-wise.

They believe angels help them or that they have “armies of angels” but very few actually call on real angels. They very well could be calling on an army of parasite egregores that appear as “christs angels” but suck the energy out of them. Think ill stop there lol.

Go try this argument in Africa or the Middle East.

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You mean, unlike the Chinese and Indians that still quote things from thousands of years ago, some of which could be argued don’t even originate from their subcontinent, on a daily basis? I don’t think it’s a “Western” problem, it’s a general human problem. In the East you’re just more likely to get murdered for saying something about it, so they refrain from it.

I am now living in the Bible Belt. This my reality now.

And yes, it’s all true. I originally was going to give more of a description but I decided that wouldn’t be right.

Look at it this way, at least he isn’t making demons and/or Satanism look bad. Sometimes psychopaths benefit from following a moral code like Christianity. It helps them do pro-social things instead of anti-social ones.

Also, uncomfortable conversations are easy to escape from in any setting, particularly with acquaintances but even with family members. (my husband is an expert at it.) You can always use the excuses of getting food, going to the restroom, or meeting up with someone at any type of event.

I just feel in the end, this guy, and people like him don’t matter. I wouldn’t let it get to you. Just not worth it.