Angry Dead

A few months ago, a toxic relative of mine passed away. I ended up inheriting some belongings of theirs such as jewelry and photo albums etc.

I noticed the change in atmosphere in my house quickly and saged and cleansed and banished.

The person still tries to get back through and affect my mood and I feel it. I am getting rid of the belongings asap also.

In life, this person was persistent, malignant and awful and remains so in death bothering my sibling also.

Any suggestions to get rid of them for good?

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Lbrp? Definitely rid the belongings. If you’re experienced enough, use an entity to get rid of the relative.

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I do the LBRP of the pentagram and their energy returns, attached to belongings I’d say.

I am experienced enough to involve an entity, I just wonder who exactly to move them on and block them.

Thanks for your answer

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More like destroy them, I’ve used Lilith to banish an unwanted entity.

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It might not actually be them bothering you but the residual energy on the belongings from their toxic personality still lingering. They could be long gone as in passed on and out.

Personally I’d usually do a area wide grounding like ground the inside my home but if the objects are to blame burning them could help or grounding those objects as residual energy can be pretty “sticky”


Getting rid of the items is probably the right step to remove this influence permanently, and a good re-cleanse and banish of all homes and people afterwards for good measure.

If they still persist then its worth looking into what’s happening spiritually, e.g. are they refusing to die the 2nd death and move on? I’ve heard tell that a parasite is able to pick up a discarded qi body before it dissolves and kind of wear it, acting like the dead person also (a Josephine McCarthy idea I’ve yet to see in action myself, but it makes sense as an ideal feeding mechanism to me).
In the first case psychopomping is needed, in the 2nd I’d go for the kill.


In case thr spirit itself is attached to the objects, cleanse the objects before getting rid of them. Afterwards, cleanse your house and yourself.

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I had a friend who has the gift of mediumship to come here and she said today that the dead person is angry they are dead and is very attached to their belongings still.

They do not accept anyone living and carrying on now they are ‘stuck’ and still wanting their things. I had not told her anything so I think it was pretty spot on.

Did a cleanse with Frankincense and sage so I get a break before doing the heavy work