Angry Beelzebub

Hello. For the sake of my dumb friends, give your advice please.

I’ll start from the beginning.
A few years ago, this guy Jack had a friend who suffered from an ulcer. And Jack, not knowing a lot about magic and such, got together with this other friend Bob, and together they evoked Beelzebub to transfer this girl’s ulcer to Jack.

From what I understood, the pact was messy, Bob just did the ritual as he wanted.
Anyway, after they do the pact, Jack actually develops an ulcer, starts coughing up blood, all that stuff.

Now, after a couple of years, they wish to break the pact. So Bob and Jack get together, along with a few other friends who I assume watched them, and get to work.
From what I gathered, they wrote the intention of breaking the pact on paper, put some blood on it and then burned it. They didn’t use any candles, incense or offering, and then tried to communicate with Beelzebub.

After all this thing, Jack started coughing up blood again and had a seizure. He said ‘‘Beelzebub made a scene but left’’.

What could they do make things better? Me and another friend were thinking they could leave offerings over a period of time as an apology.

Before I go into an answer, there is something that does need to be clarified: did Bob recover from the ulcer that was the focus of the initial pact? Also, does Jack have any behaviors that would cause an ulcer in the first place, such as taking too many over the counter pain relief medicine or have a bad acidic diet topped with high stress?

These seem a little out there, but the answers would indicate whether or not the pact was accepted in the first place or if this is a series of unfortunate events that is being associated with the pact, which would mean there is a chance that Beelzebub is not really angry in the first place.


I’ll clarify. Bob didn’t have an ulcer, it was Jack’s friend, and yes, she did recover. Jack as far as I’m concerned he doesn’t seem to have any habits that could get him an ulcer.
Bob only helped Jack do the evocation.

Hm, well offerings could help if he did offend Beelzebub. Another evocation to ask him directly and discuss a reconciliation could be a good approach to use.