Angriness and hate during ritual/invocation

i want to ask if you guys also feel hate, angriness and fury when invoke daemons. and if so, what demon make you feel that?

I have experienced anger in some rituals, or meditations. It seems to me a release of unrecognised shadow emotions. In ritual I have even asked the spirit about it. Sometimes it occurred just after the ritual, so I consulted divination such as the i-ching to help find the source within myself.

The answers were often a real wakeup call that force me out of my routine habits.

The occult will not hide you from your failings or bad habits. It can throw them in your face.
I rarely experience this anger now - but I am glad i was - and occasionally still am - forced to confront myself to become the best I can be.

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Depends on the ritual and the purpose. You want to be the one generating the emotion and that should depend on your intent for doing the ritual. What demons were you invoking?

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I drawned a hexagram, put 1 candle to each point and invoked each daemon on each point

I was inside the hexagram

The purpose was for money

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Yes and King Paimon showed me how to use it.

That doesn’t seem right to me (that you’d experience anger during a money ritual)

However, that’s an immensely powerful list of spirits. Moving forward, I’d probably move on and trust that they were there and heard you…

Yes its strange. But i think its because the powerful fury that i put on the ritual, the êxtasis of mantras, visualization, the heat of the chalderon Making me sweat and obsviously the presence of the demons…

Maybe it was Asmodeus, he is the patron of anger/fury, i dont know… i did the ritual 5 hour ago, i was Feeling hate and strange sensations ( the angriness is not common but the strange sensations are im my rituals)

But know im Feeling kinda soft and sweat.

I think it was they changing my vibration and putting
out hidden emotions and vibrations …maybe thats the reason why i felt angriness just after closing the ritual

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I work with these spirits for a long time (some spirits months and some of the others years, and i ask for money and they are bringing money and prosperity) , so i see that they help me and Accept my asking and receive my offerings and give in exchange what i asked for

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