So this has to do with runes. I inscribed the first 4 runes in my hand in black ink. And came to thevrealization that i am extremely angry. Is this good nor bad in my ascent i know how it can be used as im working with belial but i have a very passive agressive attitude. Yet after i inscribed these runes thurisaz, fehu, uruz and tge 4th rune in seccusseive numbers according to their order does this have a massive effect on the self or minimal or is it subjective to the individual. And to ascent


@Godmagus I would say it’s a good thing. My advice would be to release it all in a stream of curses.

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Anger while a strong emotion and great for magickal work still has to be tempered… pardon the pun.

Anger is like a fire, it can fuel what your doing or burn it all down.

Let it fuel you but do not let it take over and burn everything you work for. Moderation.


I found out I had a lot of repressed anger and I decided to release it appropriately. In ritual thinking I am angry not at a particular person or myself per say but being weak. Angry and frustrated that Im not the best person I can be.

So it fuels me now.

Well belial told me im weak so im tsking it that im not using my anger because im passive aggressive

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I did a lot of work with Satan on getting my anger out before I met Belial. I’m glad I did.

Ask him to tell you why he thinks your weak. I honor his opinion on these kind of things. As a master manipulator he is very good at seeing the weaknesses and faults in people. If that is something you would like to learn he will help you recognize weaknesses in yourself and others if you ask.

Well of course. Azazel even spoke to me in my dreams lately let me know he is still with me

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You got to work on expressing it in a healthy way, even if its just ackowledging that you are angry and need to step away from the situation, or verbalising that said people have crossed a line and you are allowed to voice that.