Hello some times ago my brother hit me and he sometimes abuses me verbally and emotionaly i can’t forgive him i’m angry what magic should i do so that he comes to apologize, or can i do revenge spell? I don’t know if it’s Enough for revenge But what do you Think i should do so that he gets beaten by someone else cause he did it to me i cant beat him he is so much stronger and he talks nasty i can’t stand it sorry if it’s a stupid question

No one is gonna tell you what you should do. It’s up to you.

You mention you’re thinking what if you spelled it so he’d get beat up. You have to consider the consequences before doing something like that.

You could make him get beat but what if the beating is so bad he dies or is crippled for life.

Could you live with that?

Just saying you need to think before you act no matter what action you take (such as a spell, or avoiding being near him whenever you can etc.).


Yes you’re right

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Why not try a sweetening spell, to make him behave better and be nicer to you?

You can get more info and recipe ideas online, and searching here, here’s an overview of what a sweetening jar does


Thank you this is a great idea

There’s a ritual in the book lucifer and the hidden demons called “make someone feel remorse for their action” I’ve done it twice and the person who hurt me apologised so much that I didn’t feel like using any curses and all was good , it should be a good starting point before jumping in to hardcore stuff , best of luck :blush:


Wow, thank you i Will definitely try that :pray:

Wow thank you i Will try it :pray:

This is actually the Best answer to my question thank a lot

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I second this idea. In fact I was about to suggest the same thing. Is better with family to sweeten him up and maybe a binding spell so he don’t hurt you or anyone else.

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