Ok so a few of you know I am trying to get an ex to talk to me. Not easy because she thinks I sent her partner something to try and break them up (this I have guessed basically). My question is does it matter who I work with to get her to talk to me? Demons or angels? Reason I ask is a song I have never listened to came up in my feed sung by a singer who sang songs that had meaning for us. “She talks to angels” by Blake Shelton, not the original black crowe version I haven’t listened to either. Point being am I being told something? In which case who would be the best angel/s to work with if that’s what the meaning is?


There are Shem Angels that can help, however Tzadkiel and Haniel are the two archangels that leap to mind. Gabriel, Haniel and Sandalphon would be a power trio for you … Earth, Luna/Moon and Venus at the physical plane/veil, Tzadkiel, Raphael Malachim and Haniel at the higher plane.

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@Fuego how do I call them then. BTW I have had just a liddle bourbon


Same way you call anyone man. There are sigils I’m sure online. If not you can just go by name.



YHVH Tzabaoth … Haniel

Lunar Gabriel and Solar Raphael sigils are found pretty easily.


Saspu, the Angel of Love and Friendship, from Kingdoms of Flame, could be very helpful for this.

I’ve posted his sigil elsewhere and a quick search should bring it up if needed.