Angels VS Demons - Powers VS Results


Which are more powerful Angels or Demons and of course with which did you get better results ?


i prefer demons because they seem to have less self imposed limitations. For example, a lot of angels that deal with giving money tend to not give you more than is needed, but demons dont have these limits…so you can be a lot more greedy in your requests


Depends on how polarised you are to one energie or the other. I cant speak at to getting stuff done since so far i only interact with them to learn to do it myself. But i have had interactions with Michael and Azazel they both seemed powerful just different kinds of power.


Demons are better to work with. But historically the higher vibration angels are more powerful the the lower vibration demon. Which is why Angels can protect you from demons, and force the demons to do the tasks you impose. Where you demand a demon to work on your wishes, you cannot force and angel to do what it doesnt want to. This is what I have grasped from my short occult life thus far.


i work with both and I have not experienced one as more powerful than the other. Each type of being has its own agenda in regards to the Ascension of human beings. Their goal is the same but they go about it differently, with access to different energies.


I believe angels have more in the way of raw power, but demons are more flexible in the applications of their power… Of course this is just speculation based on certain observations and thoughts I’ve had.


My experience is that they’re basically the same, in terms of raw power. The limiters are method and MO.


What sort of payment is expected and accepted by either for a Mages working?


That and daemons work faster, IMO.


My upg is that between JUST angels and demons it actually depends on who we’re talking. But in general, it is about the same. The most powerful groups I’ve came across are Hindu, Lovecraftian and one other.


Is it wise to employ both demons and angels on a task (or different aspects of a task), or to just pick one or the other. I’ve heard from some that demons and angels respect each other and have no real animosity. Others say that at least some demons will absolutely not tolerate angels or the magicians who use them, and that angels as a whole warn against working with demons.


It’s fine. I do it all the time.


What entities in the Hindu pantheon have you noticed is powerful?


Some say Angels. Some say Demons. I say follow your Heart.

I’ve had sucess with both in helping me in issues. I intend to work with both for pretty much my entire Life.


Lord Shiva definitely is and is fairly easy to please if you give something to him with a loving Heart.