Angels or Demons?

A car full of people chased my daughter on grid roads for an hour last night. They hit her vehicle & tried to run her off the road. At one point she had to stop. They tried to smash her windows to get in. They wanted to beat up her guy friend, & possibly her too. I know the female, I have photos of her & the two known males. The other 2 she doesn’t know.

Glasya-Labolas sounds perfect. I’ve never worked with demons before. Angels of Wrath or demons? Anyone have any suggestions? I want them ALL destroyed. I wish she would have called me, they’d be decomposing in the trees right now. I’ve felt rage before but nothing like what I felt 2 hours ago after reading all these text messages. Furious doesn’t come close to what I feel. I’m calm now. Calm & thinking…

She has a one year old. This is not over. No one fucks with my kids & walks away unscathed.

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In this situation no matter angels or demons, I would throw all you got in them.


In this situation, using both would be perfect. Their combined strength is no to be trifled with.