Angels or Demons for healing?



Did you guys have a conversation or did you just ask for what you want and now youre waiting?


The latter.


How many angels you have worked with in total ? Just curious.


I think 12, but I’m not confident about that number.


My full ritual evocation of Gamaliel, an angel of money, came through in a very miraculous manner and I was able to get the $600 that I needed for rent.

Some of the money was a day later than I asked for, but all in all it was a successful ritual especially with such short notice.


see, when i say looking for money, I mean looking to be wealthy or extremely comfortable, not just a few bucks/ Thats my goal


I honestly don’t think there’s a real difference. Money is money.


No, I just mean I need help with alot more. Ive read some spirits only do small work


if we are talking voodoo i did learn 1 thing from a voodooist he said " take red cloth fill it with powder sage and clay to the neck then use lavender inthe head place it under the persons pillow for 3 days and rush it to the cross roads and bury it " i dont know how usefull that is


Yourself with all the demons and angels that are a metaphor and entities of the mind.
Your glands are the angels, other organs are the demons and so on.
Depends on the point of view of the dormant or awakened human.
Let books guide you on how to use entities/parts of your body/mind or do it with the entire hell and heaven all together in sync. The second one is the most powerful and needs more courage than death itself.

Start with Breath/Lucifer/Leviathan/Behemoth being the source! - all this taking power from Satan and so on…
Best of luck!