Angels or Demons for great creative works?

I am a screenwriter and I am beginning work on a very large epic series which will probably take me months if not a year to fully realize unless I can accrue two or three co-writers In the early stages. And this is just for the pilot. I haven’t worked with Angelic or demonic powers for creative works but I’ve had an incredible creative vision of my project after meditating on Stolas’s seal. Almost floored me seeing the potential for it.

I am looking to make this my best work, so I’m willing to let it take as long as possible.

I’m currently looking at Gordon’s book on the demons of magick. I have broken down many of my requests into a slot of sub goals that I’m looking to have many demons work on over a period of time ,

“My writing is emotional and powerful”
“I am able to honestly translate my creative vision for this project into writing”
“I have made a breakthrough in how I will structure my screenplay”


Very rudimentary but I figure keeping each goal as simple as possible to be best.

regarding the demons of magick,I’m looking to work mostly with the first ritual ( petition for results) but will work with the other two If necessary.

Or should I work with the 72 Angel’s instead?

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try king belial he is amazing in business related… he is the man or why would most people call him “the big man”

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Mehiel is the Angel of Authors, Orators, and Professors.

Henry Archer got a book with rituals where angels and demonds cooperate, check if there is anything there that can help you?

Do what feels right to you. If you feel pulled to the demons, then work with them.

For the record, I’ve evoked Paimon using the method in Demons of Magick to assist with a film project I was involved with, and the results were nothing short of incredible. Trust in the process, and the demons will help bring forth your greatest potential.

While the first ritual is definitely effective, I would encourage you to advance into evocation as soon as you feel ready. That is where the real magick begins.

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Interesting, thanks.
Should I enlist the assistance of multiple entities or just one?

I haven’t even done any rituals yet but just from meditating on some seals I’ve had incredible inspiration and feel I can’t write fast enough.

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Different demons will assist you in different ways. Some are more proficient at bringing creative inspiration, others at matters relating to business and finances, others at leadership and charisma.

There is no need to call multiple entities for the same purpose unless they are all bringing different powers to the situation. Evoking several demons all to help with your writing would be unnecessary, but directing many different demons at different aspects of the overall situation is a good way to work.

If I were to make another suggestion for you as well, I would encourage you not to underestimate the powers of influence. Even if you are already quite socially adept, there is much that the demons can teach you.

How about invoke a deitiy for inspiration?