Angels of Wrath

I downloaded Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield for free. Today I found out that free downloaders are cursed so that the Magick is less effective. I performed 4 rituals already and of course I just purchased it. Now my question should I perform them again? Or is it lifted and will work more effectively?

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No curse. It’s marketing B.S to limit illegal downloads. You can use it as you wish. But if you find it helpful, always a good idea to support the authors by paying for your copy, so they could keep publishing more helpful material for everyone :slight_smile:


Okay thanks! I purchased it to be on the safe side. I wondered because I felt the presence of some angels and yesterday even heard wings flapping so I was sure that it worked :slight_smile: then I saw the “curse” today and was confused


Wow that’s awesome ! Yeah looks it’s working. No worries about the curse, glad you paid for your copy anyways, wise decision :wink: Wish you good luck in your rituals :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Ahhh man thx, I was thoughtful about that