Angels of Wrath (multiple targets)

Hey there! I got my hands on Angels Of Wrath, and want to know if I can attack two different people at the same time for the same purpose .

Let’s say I want to cause separation between two people so I cause anxiety and depression to person 1 and agression in person 2 in order to cause them to fight and split apart in really bad terms.

If the answer is yes, how would I do it ? Should I attack each person on different days or can I just call the angels for anxiety and right after the angels for aggression?

What if the purposes are different? I want to cause anxiety on a person, but i want to cause accident on a completely unrelated person ?


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Mmmm I’d target each person first, and then proceed to the separation. I suggest doing one ritual a day, not several at once.

I had not results from that book btw.

Yes and set your ask to be for both prime in the request.

However, I also did not get results from that book myself. Though I only worked it maybe 4 times to be fair.