Angels of Omnipotence

If you know the book Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield, I can tell you what to do.
Your tormentor isn’t a magician but has malicious energies - maybe he’s possessed, he has parasites or… he’s just spiritually high. I know that people with 11 in the date (day/month/year) or with numerological 11 (counted with adding all the number from the birthdate) can send strong energetic signals.
I used Black Magick ritual to lower the magickal power of the evil person. Do the ritual to Agares (according to Demons of Magick book) with the statement “[my foe’s name] has lost his magickal power”.
A man who almost destroyed me energetically on March 2023 was my aim. He had so much power that he could destroyed mechanical/electronical things, bring you bad luck… and he knew Martial Arts pretty well. About month after my Agares ritual, he… was beaten down by his work colleage. The martial artist was beaten down by a simple criminalist, construction worker :smiley: then this man blew the tires in his car :slight_smile: all because that evil man drove people crazy. But when he had magickal protection, no one could do anything to him.


You did this against my tormentor? Much appreciated. :heart: :heart: :heart: When did you do it?
Will look into the Agares stuff.

No :rofl: I did this on my tormentors (and recently for another one). It’s not a curse but Agares ritual can take magickal power of the evil person.
I decribed you the effects. You perform the ritual from the book Demons of Magick:
Which is very popular on this forum.
In the statement you write down the name of your tormentor, then, during the ritual, you visualise him/her as a week person full of fear :sunglasses:

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@NovaDragon, it doesn’t work. I took sometime to answer because I didn’t want to rush. I truly don’t know how others are obtaining results. But before the gate keepers persecute me, let me say that maybe I am just a muggle. :wink: Great entertainment reading these posts though; I am sucker for stories and mythology. :ghost: :grinning: :alien:

@Voina I am also a beginner, but I have 20 years of meditation experience and have pretty open senses. At least I can sometimes tap into thoughts of people around me when I meditate a lot… I started working with the Goetia last year and have had no success for months except for one ritual. Since I had great difficulties and magick was the only way to solve them, I continued. And it worked a few times. I also found that beings from EA’s books are much easier to summon. I usually just have to look at the sigil in the book and chant for a few minutes and that’s enough for me to feel their presence. If you decide to stop after such a short time, you deprive yourself of the possibility of discovering that there are forms of magick that work for you. It is your decision…

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I used AoO and it has yielded results for me. Trying to work with demons has resulted in nothing though so I guess maybe you just got unlucky with both. Don’t give up though. Try non entity based magick.


@tulipan and @NovaDragon, thanks for the encouragement. I am going to keep trying.


I have recently used one of the spells in the book and it was to find help and I have gotten some crazy results. It will help that I was not expecting at all, but with that help a whole can of worms . In the middle of all the stuff that’s going on everybody’s true colors have been coming out. Unbelievable. However, I am getting the help like major.