Angels of Love for LGBT magicians?

I was wondering if you are LGBT to what extent do you think angels will help with your situation? Or would it be counter productive because it’s LGBT?


I just discovered that I’m bisexual and I can tell you this: angels don’t care whether or not you’re lgbt. They’ll help whoever as long as you’re respectful. It’s Abrahamic dogma that says otherwise.


Hold up though, have they helped you find heterosexual partners or both?

Love knows no bounds. You be you.


Sexual identity doesn’t matter to any higher spirit in my experience. So go for it.


Neither. Haven’t worked with angels of love specifically, but I’ve worked with angels.

Well that is what I sort of mean. I have gotten some results with Angels of love but it has been a bit odd let’s put it. I have used others as well and well it was mostly to help get someone back so that is a tough one without going against their will, he has answered a text once, ran into in person and was back energetically for a bit. But between that and some of the odd results when looking for someone else I am a bit wondering you know? If you are gay say, will the bring a good match? Or will it be some gay guy that is turning to Jesus for gay conversion therapy and thinks you should too?

Well as long as you convert the entire camp to be gay with you, then you should have no problems! :smile:

My honest reply though is that i don’t think it would matter. Alot of what we think of as social taboo to religious views is of no concern to higher entities. I can say i don’t believe in the teachings of judeochristian religion, but I have worked with Angels associated with Venus for the specific purpose to mend a relationship (heterosexual) with good success. It matters what you feel inside, the love that you have for the other person, and a love of yourself as a person to grow and learn. Believe what you’re doing is right in your heart, perform which ever ritual you think will do best, and then let go. You may find a different dude, you may go back to one that you forgot about, but more importantly you get a little more love and appreciation of yourself.


Forget them, go to Lilith &/or Naamah if you need assistance in love/lust work

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Friendly reminder that angels don’t give a f about the Bible, or any religious dogma.


Here’s my take on LGBTQ and the angels… For context, I am a gay man, practicing the Left Hand Path, while Catholic. Yes, it could get me ex-communicated, but it is my passion to delve into this subject with great fervor…

  1. We are who we are… no right or wrong.

  2. There are many, MANY spirits “out there” and frankly, I don’t think they care. Not even the Archangels Rafael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel have an opinion on whether it is right or wrong to be gay. They are spirits, just as Lucifer, Asamoth, Lucifuge Rofocale Satan, King Paimon or even Lilith. Yeah, you may have to hit the books to find some of them, but hell, even that;s worth it. Knowledge is key!

  3. We all live in the Astral Plane, the Physical plane and the Spiritual Plane. If we’re doing something in one plane, or realm, why should they care since there is so much more to us than our sexuality?

I have heard that some spirits are more amenable to our lifestyle and may be gay themselves. On this, I am not entirely educated, but why does LGBTQ have to exist in only the physical realm, right?

My advice is to first do as detailed a Google search on this as you can. Scroll through several pages as you may find a goldmine of information tucked way in back!

Now, are you looking for these spirits for a specific reason? All the spirits I know, and especially the ones I have worked with have had no issue that I could discern that matters whether we are gay or not. I think that they are beyond that judgement… BUT BEWARE, I could always be wrong. I have to add that caveat since I am not well versed in every spirit that exists, and there are A LOT! But also, don’t get discouraged, hopefully, other’s will post material that is n=more beneficial to you than what I’ve put down here. they may even say I’m totally wrong… but, don’t give up.

If it is a love spell that you are working on, there are a great number of posts within this forum that have great insight on this. I am posting only my limited knowledge and experience here, but when I saw the title of the post, I had to jump in and say something whether or not it’s useful is for you to decide. As well, I wanted to let you know that you’re not the only LGBT person in this forum. We thrive on our diversity and as I have learned (sometimes the hard way), and I don’t pass any judgement on what is said here, so there is that too.

We are free to be who we truly are here, and I am glad to have had the chance to throw my 2 cents worth in (probably all its worth anyways…lol)

Keep researching, reading, asking questions and you WILL find the answers you seek I there is any one thing I would caution you on is just to be aware of another person;s free will. That is all I’ll say on that because I don’t want to be suspended for the next millenia!

Take care, and keep my name in your book of contacts of you ever need anything. You have a friend here now, and that is what we are all about!



I have had strange mixed results, I have been primarily working on getting someone back in my life in an away that doesn’t cross any lines, such as overriding his free will, and have had mixed results but you know. That doesn’t mean anything.

I had an angel attract a guy once that turned to be big into Jesus and was trying to save me from the demons and hinted about sexual sin type stuff. I had another experience that recently that ended up being a big mess, but the angels did technically warn me. “Okay but you aren’t going to like it.”

I also had an angel give me criticism for things which I believe now to be Arch Angel Haniel, but maybe I’m wrong. And I have had angels encourage me to read Psalms.

So I am happy to hear your experiences are different. Although I’m not sure it is clear that anyone has had true success finding a gay mate or not.

They will certainly help me in some ways for sure and I know there presence is real.

Oh I do have one sort of success I can say. I had been not getting along with this guy I like and after saying an angels name to help reignite passion I felt this guys energy come back and hug me.

He was a soul mate though from long time ago though too, a hug when I am feeling down isn’t the biggest gayest sin ever haha.

Has anyone ever had like really great success?

Interesting. The psalms are quite potent angelic conjurations, and can be used in a way similar to the enns of demonolatry so perhaps they were encouraging your magical pursuits.

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I like the way your think, compassionately. I will also ask you to put this into your view too:

"Magick is influence not control "
As a result, it is also good to take each goals apart/sections, so that entities could influence certain part of your main goal that they are good at!


Aleister Crowley performed angel workings doing gay sex with his disciple (Crowley as passive), and there you have the holy book “The Vision and the Voice”.


Yeah that was totally it, they wanted me to understand the Psalm invocations and learn more Hebrew to understand what I am saying and ‘hopefully’ agree with it. I suppose it would probably be more powerful and authentic that way. Some of it is kind of weird though like “the tree’s grow very plentiful in Lebanon.” Well I can’t say I disagree with that, but it seems a bit of an odd thing for the Angel to respond to, you know?

People were arguing with me on this, saying that the psalms were totally irrelevant, it does seem almost like … packaged dogma to add to the feel of the magick, but I have found that in my personal experiences the psalms add greatly to the sense of the invocation and the feeling of their presence.

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I initially found them to be an odd thing as well, since I know from experience that angels are not specifically tied to the Judeo-Christian current, and, in fact, pre-date it, but my guess is that the psalms have been used for invocation for probably a thousand years or more so they have accrued power and connection to the current.

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Yeah I do stuff like that, the guy and I like have some very awkward telepathic fights I’m trying to use angels to help us council right now. It is very weird I can feel he has a deep love for me, but I annoy the heck out of him.
For example he’s like stop obsessing about me during work hours and at night. I ran into him, in real life, he stressed that he was really focused on his work right now, put an insomnia spell on me later that day. We are some weirdo lovers for sure. lol

Anyways sorry to everyone who saw my insomnia spell thread that were offended, I was really under slept, still am not doing that well but better now.

I also use Hindu deities like Radha and Krishna, I do beja’s until I feel them. I often hear Radha, I like Mohini Murti lots. A few months ago I said I wanted to become possessed by her. I think I did over ride his soul that time, but only for a second, I think she did both of us, lol and I was like whoa, whoa, whoa, so fun and so sexy though, I just got caught up so much in the rapture.

I am learning to do all this outside of work hours. He really values his work.

Oh yeah I should read that, I am still a bit worried my soul is going to die in the abyss over some sort of silly magick order I don’t remember being a part of. Is there anyway out of that? Abaddon says we can probably make a deal. speaking of witch… does anyone know where to get blood? Um in like a legal way?

hmmm this interests me. So in away did Jesus or the Roman empire in some ways concur the angels?