Angels God Divine & Sahasrara πŸ˜‡


For awhile now I have been working with the the angelic and heavenly beings I have been going to church on Sundays and doing daily prayers along with my meditation I’ve noticed a lot of good and wonderful things happening to me for example being humble and disregarding materialism I have been blessed almost daily with free money gifts and food from people I am in a constant state of euphoria when it comes to chakras and meditation I have been focusing on the crown chakra and can always feel cosmic energy busrting out of my skull the archangel Gabriel has been my guide along this path and I can feel feminine energy from the angel I see Gabriel in the human form of a woman with short blonde hair Nordic features and blue greenish eyes she is always wearing a white suit and is bare foot wirh her wings tucked behind her I also feel like I am on a high frequency level it just feels really good and peaceful :latin_cross:️


my sahasrara feels like void and all things at the sametime


Oddly enough Gabriel looks exactly like how she was viewed in the movie Constantine Tilda was a perfect match for her…


For me I just always feel physically high like I just smoked a good batch of weed or took a bunch of Molly it feels all warm and tingly


me too actually brings lots of feelings