Angels for the Luciferian?

I am recently drawing my attention to working with angels as a Luciferian. I’m not interested in using god names of Abraham whatsoever but I do not strictly associate the Hebrew with a specific god but a Magickal alphabet. Is there any angels compatible to work with as a Luciferian?

Actually would like to work with Raziel but unsure yet I read that Raziel is able to work with anyone?

Apart from Lucifer himself, there’s a list of the “fallen angels” here:

You’ll also recognise many of the these names as “demons” - same thing in this context. (Hence my contention that “demon” (as used for these beings) is a political affiliation and not meaningful as type or species of being.)

In the myth a third or so of the host sided with Lucifer, probably the legions (host) reporting to these angels, so there’s scope for many many more that we don’t know about, and you can also discover new entities though introduction by their leader or through meeting them independently or as messengers from the leader. This is I believe what happened in the Book of Azazel: the Nether Lords are those holding subcommands of his legions.

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Thank you for the link. It is very informative.

Religion doesn’t really hold much water with the angels so yes, you could work with angels as a Liciferian. Raziel is pretty open to working with anyone.


Thanks I thought so because I found a lot of similarities between Lucifer and Raziel because Lucifer is often associated with knowledge and Raziel is keeper of secrets or mysteries. But thank you for clarifying. Wasn’t sure per se.

I’m working with Raziel, Azazel, Ereshkigal and the Lwa…all at the same time and I think angels tend to get a bad rap in Left Hand circles, similar to how demons are seen with Right Hand practitioners.


Angels don’t care if you’re Luciferian or whatever. There’s in fact angels that don’t like some daemons (Raphael and Paimon, for example) but you can work with them, and I found that they work more strongly using their powers combined (using the Magicka of Angels and Demons method) that’s different from just angels for biding