Angels/Demons for cursing

Hello guys. So I have been hearing a lot of people prefer to use Demonic entities for curses, as opposed to angels. Many say angels are a lot worse to call on for baneful work & can turn against you. Why might this be? Is there any truth to this? I personally did have an experience where I called on an angel to curse an individual. However, I felt the effects of the curse come back to me.

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Archangel Michael, Samael and Lord Beelzebub.

I experienced the same thing like back fire when work with Angel Lovel for love spell, I would avoid working with angel for curse if i were you, even tho the result was great.

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Yes, you can curse with angels. There’s an entire book about doing so called Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield.


The magick is as good as the energy and intention that you put into it, whatever the entity.

Backlash can happen if the target has good protections, it’s always a good idea to do a divination beforehand so you can account for them in your working.

Getting your mind very clear is important as well. Vaguely worded requests can go wrong because they’re vague.


Thanks for the clarity.

I think you can curse with pretty much any method, just like you can seek positive changes with pretty much any method. None of the spirits pass moral judgement, at least not the ones I have summoned. Angels and demons both to me have been amoral. “Good and evil” is not a concept that concerns them.

If you do baneful magick, then you summon baneful energies into your life and bring them into your mind. That doesn’t mean they’ll hurt you, but they will be around. You’ve probably experienced something like this at least once before, right? When you summon spirits, especially if it’s not just a flimsy one-off summoning, they tend to stick around a bit and make themselves known to you. If you’re summoning up a bunch of money spirits, it should start to feel like that. If you’re summoning up a bunch of martial, baneful entities, it should start to feel like that.

Something I haven’t seen mentioned in a while is how summoning spirits not only brings their power to you, but it causes their “qualities” to rub off on you as well. If you are really doing a pathworking, it changes you. It changes how you behave and how the people around you see you in various ways, some more obvious than others. The more you do this, the more you change.

In some ways this is the entire point of a doing a pathworking or committing to a spirit or group of spirits for a time. The point is to summon the spirits and allow them to teach you and to take you through experiences. If you are summoning money spirits, then the experiences and teachings the spirits provide will be financial in nature. If you are summoning martial spirits, then you will undergo experiences of fighting in some form or another.

This is one thing that magick makes possible. Whatever quality or archetype or vibe that you want to cultivate, there are spirits and methods that can help you do that. Magick tends to create expansions.