Angels are reaching out to me?

Hello, so I’m 22. And for my entire life I knew I had a guardian demon. I did not like church and it did not agree with me. I felt no connection to Yahweh.
As the years progressed this continued. And I was no longer being forced to go to church and so I didn’t.
As I continued my research as to who this guardian was I learned there was one main one and many with him.
I then learned that this guardian was Lucifer.

As I progress so much more has happened everyday. My senses have all began to awaken once again. And I’ve begun to differentiate between who is who.
As I progress these feelings are more clear to me.
A few months ago I was in a church out of respect for my mom and her deceased mother. I didn’t like being there. And I felt a cloud of darkness rise behind me and over me. And a very low vibrational tone. Lucifer had followed me into a church.
This was no longer where I should be.
I thought this meant with Yahweh in general and the angels. That my path was more focussed on the demonic.

But as I continue I don’t really think that’s the case anymore. Last night I was sitting in my room. When I heard high pitched ringing in my ears. I decided to meditate and bring out a paper and pen.
Ezekiel came through… I was so confused by this. I thought I didn’t communicate with angels.
And now I’m not so sure.
I’ve been pulled to read the bible as of late.

Does anyone else also work with both angels and demons? And can show me some guidance? I’m kinda confused as how to work with both tbh.

I work regularly with angels and demons. Neither side has ever pushed me anywhere. No angel has suggested church or the Bible to me, and no demon has suggested breaking the law or committing acts of sacrilege. :man_shrugging:

However, I have also never been religious, and was never forced to go to church against my will (or at all, really. No one in my family was a big believer, though my mom would occasionally go to church with her best friend on holidays).

Your mileage might vary, though, as those who have had religion pushed on them in childhood seem to get similar treatment from some of the Judaic angels.

There’s no harm in finding out what Ezekiel wants from you though. Maybe he just wants to offer guidance, or has a message for you.

The ultimate choice is always yours whether to follow or not.

I tend to keep my angelic magick separate from my demonic, mainly to prevent any possible energetic contamination, but I have also evoked both demons and angels together on occasion.

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I didn’t know there was an angel named Ezekiel. I know there is a prophet in the Bible by that name.

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Yes supposedly an archangel that helps with inner sights. For telling the future. Opening your sight.

Which I have been doing lately…

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I wouldn’t say I was pushed by either side. I think it was just the fact that I hated going to church and being forced there. I do not agree with organized religion as it stands.
And I definitely am allowed to choose my path.

But I did have some angelic type feelings as a child going to religious places such as mother Mary’s grotto in Lourdes Nd in Lisboa where an angel appeared to children.

Each side seems to leave me small signals
I wrote down some things from him. He said to ask him for help whenever need be. And that the angels are with me.
The key is meditation and breathing.

Yea I was wondering if I need to keep them separate or if they are okay working together. I suppose it would vary angel to angel / demon- demon. But for now I shall keep them separate just in case

:pray: thank you

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Some angels and demons have personal beefs with each other, but on the whole, I haven’t had any problems. I keep them separate mainly out of convenience and personal preference more than anything else because I like to integrate each of the distinct energies into my own energy field.

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Thank you so much for your responses!
This helped me quite a bit.

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Good article

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