Angels are awesome

I don’t know, something changed recently, shortly after I got a heads up from ansuz that something was fucking with my divination(in relation to certain questions) and I started doing banishing rituals my relationship with angels drastically improved. Right now I’m working with two of the archangels through evocation and meditation, and I’m about to start dream working with them. I tried to figure out what exactly changed and I got this out of a small passage.

what he was really like.

“He had grasped the back of his chair with both hands, and stood looking hard at her. At length he said: “Charity, for once let’s you and me talk together like friends.””

apparently my own personal biases were interfering with the workings. Now it’s great.

so protip for all the newer guys out there, your perceptions of entities will affect how they interact with you, and also, banish on a regular basis in some form or fashion.

Thank you

Well said! This:

And this:

… actually both answer the majority of beginners’ questions on here, on any occult forum in fact, though of course people don’t know that without asking.

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:3, topic:2967”]Well said! This:

And this:

… actually both answer the majority of beginners’ questions on here, on any occult forum in fact, though of course people don’t know that without asking.[/quote]

What you said is something I have been saying though: He pretty much addresses all the beginner needs too know about how a relationship with an entity might go. However, this will probably not sit with most, and if it doesn’t it means that the person should probably sit down and get certain things together before going into entity relationships. I mean if you can’t get this, then I don’t know what else can be said that can make it stick while still being able to still maintain a mode of practice.

I hear you and ideally everyone would do divination, prep. immersion and so on plus have excellent self-knowledge, non-attachment and so on all sorted before trying a single spell, but I mean that’s never going to happen is it, for most people, I never had all that in place before embarking on doing any magick, people usually start where they are then get the rough edges and self-defeating habits polished along the way.

It’s a process of growth and quite rewarding in its own way, because you learn from experience and not theory why these things matter (and what doesn’t matter as much as people say in some cases). JMO.

I’m not saying everything, but being able to understand what he was saying hardly necessitates having all that prepared, not by a long-shot. It just requires having enough personal attendance toward the occasion to be able to invoke common sense. Now if you are telling me that you didn’t even have that much before going forth, then I guess you are different. However, I would guess - perhaps incorrectly - that you didn’t make much tangible progress until such realizations were made. Just guessing of course, but it’s a guess not without it’s merit in practical activity

No, it’s true the learning accelerated ability, and the ability accelerated learning, backwards and forwards, like a waltz. Or something!

The only bit I feel strongly about is that sometimes just getting started and being prepared to take any rough spots is better than delaying and trying to have all your stuff in place, but that’s not much of a danger for most people who get into black magick, and in the end the people who do take a lot of time and prep are still doing the 100% correct thing because they know their own personality best and are doing what’s right for them, if they know that risk of any kind is likely to really throw them off the path to their own power.