Angels and Hebrew?

So I am studying my Kabbalah so I can learn to properly empower a talisman.

I am reading a book on talismans and it says there are 3 magickal languages that are generally used to write on talismans with. I don’t remember the names but one had the word “river” in it and another was Celestial.

Anyway, obscuring the purpose of our talisman makes sense if we don’t want people’s lack of faith screwing with its energy.
I am studying Kabbalah too (I have to, I need to meditate to power this thing, plus it is gettting kind of fun)
Anyway, this kabbalah video says that Angels can only communicate in Hebrew, but it also says they communicate telepathically?

Will I be able to properly communicate with these Angels telepathically. Because I do not speak Hebrew

THe book I am reading says I should always try to contact the planetary/Angelic power who’s energy I am trying to use before using them. I should try and get them on-board with my talisman.

Will thinking to Angels in English work?

I have to assume that it will because a lot of people don’t know Hebrew (especially old hebrew)


A lot of beings who have interacted with humanity have come to be accustomed to a plethora of human languages.


This guy from the video definitely agreed with Damon Brand on Angels understanding feelings.
(I forgot to mention that)

So I don’t need to worry about not knowing Hebrew, the Angel will figure it out. THat is good.

In the working how would you sequence the feelings.
Would you start off with what you don’t like, then make a decision to change, then end with the feeling that you do like. (a loose D. Brand example - feel what it is like to be poor, decide to change, feel how grateful you are to have plenty - end with that)
do you just visualize yourself with plenty and how that would feel.

Brand really goes into this but I am a little confused.

(its a good thing for me that Kindle makes books so affordable, it is also bad because you can easily get things confused)

They can communicate in any language.

Also spirits in general don’t have to communicate telepathically. Sometimes they can send you little signs to communicate.


I don’t think they learned our languages though. I think that they understand what we want to tell them regardless of language, they go beneath language, like a kind of telepathy without words. Don’t really know how to describe it. Is this also your experience?


Can’t be sure, I assume they could read desire when people are asking them for things, when I “speak” with them at least in projection it’s possibly a bit of both, because my energy body’s “lips” are moving and there’s “sound” my clairaudience picks up, just the voice doesn’t sound like my physical voice, but then when I bring others with me, they can hear is also so it’s quite possibly a large mix of telepathy.

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This is true, spirits don’t speak languages because they don’t need language.
Thoughts are the same regardless of language.

Makes sense if you think about it, language is only a medium to relay concepts, dependent on sight, hearing, and vocalization.

None of that would be of any value to a spirit, as spirits are immaterial and communicate with immaterial means.

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when they spoke to me it was in Hebrew I didn’t know Hebrew I just thought it was gibberish until somebody told me that it was Hebrew

I disagree, they have their own languages. Language is not a human thing, each race of beings have their own languages and dialects just like we do.

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On the other hand, languages tend to twist and bend concepts.
Some concepts are overly covered by one language (one language have 30 different words for holes), English widely cover different subjects not covered by Swedish, while some Swedish concepts translates poorly into English.

I am channeling my own language since no language today seems to fit “the message” I am given.

So on one hand, spirits don’t communicate with our native languages, but they still seem to carry weight when it comes to how concepts are manifesting.

Read my latter reply, I think I cover some of it.

Yeah I was going to comment to that as well, because in some beliefs the entities speak the languages and dialects of the regions and cultures that incorporate them into them. Of course I have heard some beings speak a language I couldn’t understand, and in regressions I have spoke a “language” I didn’t consciously understand. I find that some very well could understand and speak english, spanish, dutch, and so forth at-least in the idea of if they could tap into the “collective unconscious” which humans and nonhumans alike are in a way “linked”

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Worth mentioning when it comes to languages, my craft explicitly forbids the use of any other language but the channeled language when doing actual magick.

So I know language IS important, but I believe the importance stems from how we read, interpret, and send out the concepts of that language rather than the language itself.

Meanings and concepts get corrupted all the time when doing translations, the lore of each language is dependent on the culture that spawned it.

But the spirit would still understand you, telepathically, as you release the essence of the concepts you try to relay.


Yeah same for me, I think? Sometimes angels just send me feelings, sounds and images and I’m interpreting them the best I can with words.

Of course sometimes they prefer to be more direct and speak in words, but I don’t think at all that angels only communicate in hebrew

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