Angelic spirits to balance the scales?

What is the most powerful of the right hand spirits for revenge on an enemy who has wronged me? Perhaps an archangel? My reasoning is that in using an angelic spirit instead of A demon there is less chance of the operation lashing back at me. Im only a beginner with magick, I only want my enemy to suffer as much as I have or maybe a bit more, and for them to fuck off.

[quote=“The Eye”]You are wrong when thinking that because you petition a celestial being you take less risks on yourself.

Spirits are spirits, no matter they’re angels or demons they’re still living forces that can come back at you if you don’t know what you’re doing or act poorly toward them.

That being said, Cassiel the archangel of Saturn is good for swift justice. I’ve never worked with him but know a friend who did and had great success.[/quote]

I feel drawn towards Archangel Raguel, I cant find his planetary association though, I’ll do some work with Cassiel too. Raguel seems to be more karmic, while cassiel is influencive and destructive in nature.

Kasiel is the Archangel responsible for mantaining the order and structure of the Universe. If you think you were wronged, fine, but have in mind that he’s likely to give you your share in the guilt.

Invoke divine justice… become that which you wish to impose on others.

Get ready to experience everything you create, you’ll never be the same.

Now I read something scarily serious. If thats the kind of magic you do I salute you from the bottom of my heart.

If you believe in what you wish to accomplish then there should be no negative result t lash back at you. For me that’s why its “black magic” because we let go of the illution of right and wrong.