Angelic protection circle magnified- 72 AoM method MAJOR success

Hey everyone!!

I just wanted to quickly share my expierence with angelic connection

I had just recently preformed a ritual. It wasn’t with a demon nor angel directly, however my protection circle that I always summon is by the powers of the 5 archangels;

  • Uriel (north)
  • Raphael (south)
  • Michael (east)
  • Gabriel (west)
  • Metatron (from above)

Typically upon summoning them I just called to them to be in there proper positions. Tonight however upon calling to them, I sang their names. I allowed the vibrations of each of their names to resonate throughout my chest, & throughout my throat as I summoned them. I felt a much more intense, & direct connection to each of them, & even caught visions of each of them.

Might I add as a side note, they are each individually very beautiful angels, that I am humbled to have seen, & to work with everso closely with.

I felt very protected by them, MUCH more so than usual, as I completed my protection circle, & went on with the ritual. I had an easier time holding on to, & feeling my protection circle than I normally do. Needless to say from now on this is how I will be helping myself cast my circle.

The way I discovered the idea of singing their names was from the book The 72 Angels of Magick (Instant Access to the Angels of Power) by Damon Brand, as mentioned in the title.

Take care everyone!!


I only wish to summon one angel to speak with him internally, Can you briefly explain to me how? I live with my family, I mean, I don’t have any space to make any weather or sit in a circle.

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Of course!! There are a few ways you can go about it.

For these Angels, you can call them directly. If you wish to sing to them, you can, if not, you simply can say their names with the intent of making angelic connection!!

It doesn’t have to be loud, or in the specific direction if you don’t want to call them in this way.

If you don’t want to verbalize it, just sing or call to them in your mind with the same intent!!

If any of these 5 aren’t the angels you want to call let me know, & we can discuss this further!! I can give you some things I’ve found to be helpful, &/or I can reference you to some books you can buy for relatively cheap on Amazon, that may help you!!


Can only one be contacted? I am new and a beginner.
Will I be attacked by parasites?


I like the idea of calling metatron above. Haven’t tried that. Did come across the idea of singing the angelic names before.


Of course!! The only reason I call all 5 at the beginning of my rituals is because I use them as to protect me during the ritual

Short answer is no. When you call forth a spirit regardless if the spirit is an angel or a demon, its perfectly safe, just make sure it’s the right spirit, that answers your call.

If you’re careless, or leave any doors open, then it’s a possibility to be attacked by a parasite


I defaintly suggest it!! My ritual openings are implemented from the 72 Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. I STRONGLY suggest that book!! The rituals he outlines have worked marvelous wonders for me time, & time again!! :blush::blush:


Please, how can I be neglected, and how do I not leave the doors open?

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yes the vibrating + singing their names is a winning combo for me as well.


@sadangel Do you have access to Amazon in your country?

If so, buy a copy of Archangels of Magick, by Damon Brand on Kindle. It’s less than $10 USD, and in it you will learn the “Circle of Power” talked about in this thread.


Yes, of course! Thank you so much…

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Easiest way is properly calling to the spirit you wish to speak too, & properly dismissing them when you’re done speaking to them!! If you’re doing just a simple connection

Ritual wise, close out your ritual properly. Dismiss the spirit you summoned, & release your protection circle. Once all of this is done, properly clean up your ritual area/room & return to life as normal forgetting about the ritual you just did as if it were a dream

If you want to take extra procautions, saging the area you preformed any sort of Magick is good too, &/or preforming the LBSOTP. That’s all up to you

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It truly brings a much closer connection I feel!!

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If I may also add on the eBook is also pretty cheap too, if you have either the Kindle app, or an actual Kindle. I have the physical book, but I really love the Kindle app to be honest. I pay for the Kindle Unlimited, which also lets me take out 10 books at a time for free with the subscription, that I’m able to return at any time, or outright buy them if I so choose too!! It’s honestly so worth the monthly investment in my opinion.

That might be another good option for you to learn more about Magick in general @sadangel

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Yes right

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I want to call the dragon LUCIFER! Because I search for strength, money and fame.
I will do it by the sigil! Is that good?

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Absolutely!! Here’s his enn as well (apologies if I misspelled the enn)

Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

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