Angelic experience and success post

I’d be interested to hear your experiences, what you’re working on now and your list of success with working with Angels.
It can be the top of the hierarchy or lesser known angels. Maybe your guardians.

What have you done, what have you achieved, with their help?

This is not for proof or trivial entertainment, but to get a feel for the work being done around the globe and who’s doing it

I was possessed by Raphael, spoke the most angelic sounding tongues ever, fell on the ground convulsing. Lifted a cloud of light up over my family for protection and healing.

My girlfriend tried to kill herself a year or so ago before we met, and Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and another archangel she didnt know who was, came to her in an OBE to tell her she needs to go back to her body, but gave her a choice, and said there is someone who will need her help. I believe I am that someone. For I am knot, the chosen one.


A job well done .

I had a hard time exactly one year ago, when a very good friend of mine took his own life.
I felt lost, useless, and everything felt meaningless.
Archangel Zachariel, who is an angel of healing and who helps coping with big changes, made me find myself again.


Raphael and Michael helped me a lot with healing the people I care about and protect them from harm.
Haniel helped me with animals communication and projecting a thought to my pets.