Angelic/demonic guide?

I like the idea of having an entity with me at all times to give me knowledge and to make things happen in my life without me having to evoke him each time I want him there. But I sure as hell don’t want to develop a mental illness like schizophrenia and end up eating a bullet. Any thoughts?

You build a spiritual relationship, learn how to communicate and handle spirits. Well fed and well treated allies will always look out for you. You still have to summon them work stuff out in order for them to do certain jobs however.
I wrote a reply on your evoking a spirit for the first time thread. That’ll give you the foundation to achieve good spiritual allies. Ancestors come first. Always.

Thanks Euoi. That resonates loudly with me. Would you classify this as necromancy? If so, I assume that you disagree with E.A. on the danger of its long term use?

Ancestral Veneration is part what I call “high Necromancy”. It’s just a term I privately use to distinguish the usage of Necromancy for elevation and psychopomp kind stuff, from “low Necromancy” used for practical purposes.
Anyway, the dangers of Necromancy are misconstrued. I myself have played into it in the past, but like many others, I was incorrect. Being around the dead isn’t inherently damaging to your health. EA is 100% wrong in that regard. However, Necromancy is dangerous, just for different reasons.
The dead are human beings, and they aren’t all fluffy, out for your best interest. Some spirits you pick may want to fuck with you, drain you of your vitality, whatever etc…sometimes you’ll go to the cemetary and you’ll attract an unstable, angry, etc. Spirit that will eat you. Hence why I ALWAYS wear white to the cemetary for work and cleanse when I get home. That helps to remove any negative energies or spirits you attracted…
Also, many spirits of the dead are unbalanced or in “Hell/Purgatory”. By this I mean that they are attached to their unresolved issues in life. They are in a state of darkness so to speak…this can result from a violent death (murder/suicide), depression, mental likenesses, or other unresolved issues. So, understandably, they can lash out at people. This is where “high Necromancy” comes in and you pray for the spirit to untangle them from their darkness (Catholic prayers for the dead are so bomb for this btw).
In the course of working with ancestors, you’ll most likely be called to elevate them several times. It’s your duty to your family.

So… Necromancy is dangerous. But if you know how to handle the dead, elevate them, and work with a good psychopomp, oh, and work with your ancestors, you’ll be ok.