Angelic and demonic pathworking

Hello, it is possible to work with angelic pathworking and then to work with the demonic pathworking? Or can i do them both in the same time?

I’m talking about koetting parhworkings find in evoking eternity for angels and works of darkness for demons.

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Yes you can and should, But it’s probably best to just stay with one before beginning another.

Some Angels and Demons are on friendly terms, others are indifferent and some hate each other’s guts, so get to know them first then call on whoever is best for whatever you need done…IMO anyway.


Ok, got it. Also can i work one day with and angel and the next with a demon? Just opening seals and issuing a command. Not pathworking related.

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To me you can.
But! first of all you have to get ride of your fear of mixing the energies or to interfere.
The fear will mess up your work.
This is the most important.
Be confident and ask the entities 1st before working with them with opening the seal/sigil and channel them or with the sigil and the pendulum.
and be nice when you “command” but firm!:wink: