Angel Rape?

Hey man, let’s be real here, you’ve published some pretty “out there” things, so can you really blame folks for thinking about it literally? No offense, I’m not saying anything bad about it but for real though… I mean there has to be a point of reference where the metaphor can be drawn from. I guess it definitely got lost on me lol

It’s an awesome e-book, and the aforementioned delineation will be clearly seen when you read it!

100 shares in 10 hours! You guys rock!

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Hahaha you had to know that was going to happen! I saw like 62 shares about 2 hours ago and I was like, “Yup, this is reaching 100 before the day is over.”

If I’m not mistaken it came out in Pillars a little after your first interview with a magus with Dante and I was under the impression from that interview it would be a bitter rebuking of working with archangels because of the seeming resentment you and Dante showed while talking about them in the interview. From what I’ve seen now though it sounds far more interesting and I can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Am I the only one who thinks the title is a part joke?

Atleast someone remembers Pillars here. The article will surely be enjoyed by most people here.

I only know the name. Never read their publication. Staying on top of every occult publication isn’t really something I have the time or funds to do. I woulda never heard about them at all if it wasn’t for EA’s Facebook page.

Damn… this is why I need an alternate facebook lol. Meh oh well… I’ll post it anyway fuck it.

I thought it would be hard to keep liking his page a secret myself but nobody has really asked me about it or looked into it. I guess it’s cuz a lot of my friends don’t take time to read so when they see that he’s an author they just run the other way screaming. lol

Touched by an Angel II: The Revenge!

Lmao makes me think of the last time I got dragged to church from a friend. I couldn’t sing “he touched me” without bursting out laughing. It was decided after that it would be best if I not join them anymore.

Man if that was a Catholic church I would have been asked to leave before the second verse finished.

Baptist I think. lol It was just that song man. It sounds more like a cry for help than a song of worship to me. I don’t mind churches they amuse me but sometimes I get a little too amused. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your luck they wouldn’t leave and start acting all clingy.

Angel: Mode you don’t call me anymore…did I do something wrong?

Mode: No, no, your fine. It’s just that I’ve been swamped with work and evoking demons and what not.

Angel: Demons!? What I’m not good enough for you now? Your bored with me? You call me up, get what you want and the just sit on the couch watching Futurama reruns like I’m not even here!

Mode: You knew what this was.

Change the tempo add a little R&B background and you got a hook up soundtrack.

Hmmm. Hey Zech, know anyone with a recording studio? lol

Yup. I’m connected with recording studios, cheap ones or expensive ones, got great musicians and sound engineers at my disposal too. I’ve been wanting to pervert Gospel/Urban Soul with death metal lyrics for a while. lol

Ok, well it will be interesting to see what this is all about, so I look foreward to reading the book.

I hope this does touch a little more on the relationships we have with these entities. What things are like more from their perspective than ours…i keep getting a little voice in the back of my head saying that the ideas that you can hurt an angels feelings or betray it are simply ridiculous, so id like a little more elaboration on that.