Angel Pathworking

I’m always in EAs Live chats and I’ve heard many mention they wanna see a Angel pathworking.

I’ve thought about it quite a bit and would like to see any one else who’s been feeling the same.

Rough idea: Micheal, Uriel , Gabriel, Raphael and Metatron.

1 month each!

Any ideas or thoughts please let me know!


Metatron please! He’s a beast… the lesser yhwh

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Michael is interesting, he works with any religious or spiritual path, he is basically for (almost) everyone


Read the Gatekeeper pathworking books, the main angels are banned from EAs presence. I don’t know if they’ve been allowed back yet given he’s completed that working, but I can’t image why he’d want them either, apart from being a nicer guy than I am.

Everybody talks to the ‘angels’, all the time, working with them is so common - and boring. I’d prefer to see him talk to something much more interesting… Like Ea himelf. :woman_shrugging:


He does not allow them into the temple in his house, IF he works with them he does it elsewhere he recently said in one his videos. I have tge Compendium of Beezlebub, have access the the first four as well Beezlebub wants me to work with Belial and at the same time I will be working with Ahriman, this will be interesting.
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Sadly, that can be said just as truthfully about demons these days. Take a look around this very forum and the internet. Everybody and their dog is working with the Goetia, or the Gatekeepers et al. As you said, it’s so commonplace that it is boring. No one is doing anything original anymore, but simply treading the well trod trails of others.

Honestly, there is just as much crap spewed about angels as there is about demons. The New Agers want to make angels into cute and cuddly teddy bears, who would never hurt you and only want what’s best for you, and the demon followers want everyone to believe the same thing about demons. Ick.

Both angels and demons are powerful beings for one’s spiritual Ascent and both of them can seriously fuck you up if you’re not careful.

I feel very few have ever properly plumbed the depths of angelic work. Most are content to simply trod the same paths as those before them, just like the majority of the demon lovers do. It would be downright refreshing to see EA take on some majorly serious angelic stuff. It would flip the script, and bring him back to the innovator he once was, what BALG is supposed to be about, pushing the boundaries of magick.

I haven’t been interested in anything BALG has put out in quite a while, but I’d be downright giddy if he did this.


Why not a Yahweh pathworking too? If BALG is all about going against the grain, why not put out a pathworking with him and see how different people would feel about that? Everyone has an opinion on him but there’s also people who will only work with angels, only demons, only voodoo, only norse gods, etc. Give people the tools they need to meet him and see for themselves what he’s really like.

If JS Garrett can make friends with the coronavirus’s spirit, why not see what could be done with Yahweh? Or cartoon characters? Or video game characters? I’m tired of only demons and gatekeepers on BALG. I tried to invoke/evoke Vassago for three days and all I got was this:

Day 1: I felt a disembodied presence of someone above me a bit before I woke up. It left and never came back.
Day 2: There was a twister/tornado at 6:00 AM. We usually don’t get tornadoes like that so early in the morning. If we do get them they come very rarely, and during the day.
Day 3: No unusual changes.

I don’t know if this is Vassago’s doing or if this just happened naturally but I don’t feel a “pull” towards the goetia or any other path really. Just wish I knew what to do to find the right spirits for me.

Enjoy working with Belial!

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I figure even if EA didnt do it, other magicians could because they are powerful and I only am in seeking of their powers and truth they can help me with myself. No YWVH or any of that.

I wont stop working with my certain spirits but if I do it everyday with each one for a month, it could hold a great time of gnosis and change in your life!

Actually, Gran Morrison says he had cool results working with the New Gods, of DC Comics.

People already have the tools. There isn’t enough to that egregore to be worth a whole pathworking…
I met it and there’s really nothing there - it looks - to me - like a catatonic patient in a mental asylum. Incapable of independent thought or movement. It’s just a machine, created by the priest class to blame for thier power games.

The ones who get what they call yhwh to do shit are, imo, using the name as a lens through to something higher that really shouldn’t be limited by that name anyway


Wow I didn’t realize he was that bad. Nevermind then.

Ya I’m not about YWVH I’m just saying the angels and what they can teach !

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That sometimes would phase me to be honest… :thinking:

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Thank you and you enjoy doing your spiritual/magickal endeavours as well!

I mean it just doesn’t feel genuine sometimes I would think. You cannot be everything for everyone. If we are truly just receiving a reflection of our will and nothing else this is all simply an illusion. That’s the truth about systems that WE create. We make the entities often into what we want them to be and then make them fulfil our wills and desires. However the truth is just like with human relationships I feel, just because you expect someone in your life to be a certain way and project that. That doesn’t mean they are like the projection you see.

It is strange yet not. For we seek spirituality and growth and understanding. But through clinging onto our perception of what magick and spirituality is we may fail to see what it is beyond and infact truth. Yes religion exists and spirits are this and that, rulers of hell even if you believe that but underneath those layers they are so much more. These stories and personnas and masks that are dissolved are THE mask underneath all.

It’s like a knitted jumper carefully threaded. Each thread holds meaning and importance and the threads make the whole clothing article. When you deconstruct the jumper you start to see each small pattern and manoeuvre made when you unweave this jumper. Then eventually you keep unweaving finding insights until all that is left is it’s primary creation the thread, dissolved to it’s SOUL origin. Beyond all things.
Reaching towards the source before all evolved. In this case the thread is the source from which the jumper was created.

Hope this makes sense.

Adding further, so who really is Archangel Micheal for example?


I would love to see EA start an Angel pathworking.

Its a whole new angle to explore for everyone.